Stop Action Center pop up messages in Windows

Action Center is a feature of Windows that aims to bring to your attention potential problems with the computer, such as no antivirus software installed, no firewall or it is turned off, no spyware protection, and so on. Here's how to take control of those pop-up messages.

Although it means well, Action Center can sometimes be irritating by showing unnecessary pop-ups when you don't want them. It displays these pop-up messages at the right side of the taskbar just above the notification area.

Another annoying feature that is related to Action Center can be seen when a program freezes and stops responding. Up pops a message on the screen saying that Windows is searching for a solution and would you please wait a while. Have you ever seen Windows find a solution? In around 99.9% of cases when that pop-up message occurs, no solution is found. It is simply a waste of your time and you might as well cancel it. Better still, stop it appearing in the first place.

In this article are tips for silencing Action Center's notifications and afterwards Windows will be much quieter. Windows 7 will be used, but everything applies to Windows 8 too.

Go to the Control Panel and open Action Center. In the left panel near the top is Change Action Center settings. Click the link.

Windows Action Center in the Control Panel

This displays a list of security and maintenance messages and they can be disabled by clearing the tick boxes. If you never use Windows Backup because you use your own backup software, you don't need to see warning messages about Windows not being backed up for example. If you manually check for Windows updates, you don't need notifications about updates. It is up to you which notifications you choose to have or hide and an experienced user could hide them all, but a novice might find the warnings useful.

Windows Action Center

Scroll down to the bottom of the settings window and there are some additional options that are useful. Click the link in the Related settings section, Problem reporting settings.

Windows Action Center settings

This shows the settings for the pop-up message box when something goes wrong. The default setting is the top one, Automatically check for solutions (recommended). You wait and wait and finally it comes up with nothing. It is nearly always a waste of time. One of the bottom two options is best and you could choose the option to ask you what to do or simply select Never check for solutions (not recommended).

Action Center problem reporting options

There is one more option and clicking the link Change report settings for all users, displays these options below. It looks similar to the previous set of options, but there is an extra one at the bottom and you can apply these Action Center settings to all users or let them set their own settings. This is useful if you have more than one account in Windows and you could leave the defaults for other people, but quieten Action Center just for yourself.

Action Center options

Now that Action Center is much quieter and doesn't display pop-up warning messages, it is up to you to make sure you back up, install anti virus and anti spyware, check for updates and so on.

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