News roundup 5th Jun

The latest news stories over the last week.

Microsoft increases OneDrive free storage

Right now, Office 365 subscribers get 20GB of online storage space on OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage service. This will be increased to 1TB – 1,000GB – which is a massive increase in space and surely more than anyone will ever need. In fact, it is more than the disk drive in some PCs! OneDrive is baked into Windows 8 and is available through a web browser or an app on Windows 7. Ordinary users who don’t have an Office 365 will see their free storage increased from 7GB to 15GB. More info...

New VAIO laptops, but not from Sony

New VAIO laptops

Sony no longer makes laptops, but the VIAO brand lives on as a separate company and it has launched two laptops. The VAIO Pro and VAIO Fit are now available and the Pro is an ultra thin, ultra light laptop that comes in to sizes. You have a choice of 11.6 or 13.3in screens and they are powered by an Intel Core i7 processor. The Fit is a larger, heavier model with a 15in screen, but should sound good with speakers at the front left and right and a subwoofer at the rear for deep bass. More info...

Microsoft raises price of Office 365

Office 365 will cost more in the future for some, but not all customers. Microsoft has said that most customers will not be affected by the 15% price coming into operation this summer. Some new Office customer will have to pay a bit more: "New Office 365 EA customers who don't have a previous investment in our products will see an increase to align our pricing to our other channels,” said the company. Office website...

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