Sort your Chrome bookmarks into order

Adding a website your web browser’s bookmarks does two things: It saves you having to remember the URL and it makes returning to the site a simple point and click process. Unfortunately, the more bookmarks you add, the more of an untidy mess they become. Here’s how to sort Chrome bookmarks into order.

Bookmark websites

There are several different ways to create a bookmark from the current website you are viewing.

  • Go to the menu button and select Bookmarks, Bookmark this page.
  • Click the star icon at the right side of the address box.
  • Press Ctrl+D to bookmark the current website.
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+D to bookmark all tabs.
  • Click and drag the icon at the left side of the address box and drop it on the Bookmarks bar.

Organise your bookmarks

There are several ways to organise bookmarks and the bookmarks bar is a useful place to put them. Go to the menu button and select Bookmarks, Show bookmarks bar, or simply press the Ctrl+Shift+B keys all at the same time. When you create a bookmark you have the option to place bookmarks on this bar and you can drag URLs from the address box and drop them on the bar.

The bookmarks bar fills up in no time and it might seem like a poor way to store bookmarks, but you can create folders and these act like menus. Right click an empty part of the bookmarks bar and select Add folder. Bookmarks on the bookmarks bar can be dragged and dropped into a folder, creating a menu. This is a useful way to organise bookmarks and a folder can be used like a category, so you could create News, Sports and Social folders for example.

Bookmarks are often too long because they are created from the title of the web page. To shorten an overlong bookmark, right click it and select Edit. Change the name to something shorter. Bookmarks can become a disorganised muddle, but they can be manually sorted into order by clicking and dragging them around the bookmarks bar and the folder menus.

There are two places to store bookmarks and the first is the bookmarks folder, the second is Other bookmarks. Press Ctrl+D to bookmark a web page and click the Folder drop-down menu. On it is Other bookmarks and when you select this, it is added to the right side of the bookmarks bar.

The Other bookmarks folder at the right side of the bookmarks bar is a special folder that contains all the other bookmarks that aren’t on the bookmarks bar.

The bookmark manager

The methods of organising bookmarks discussed so far, clicking and dragging, are fine for quickly editing one or two bookmarks, but when you have a lot, they are slow and tedious. The bookmarks manager is a useful tool for making large organisational changes. Go to the menu button and select Bookmarks, Bookmark manager.

A new tab opens that looks a bit like Explorer. There are folders on the left and bookmarks and folders on the right. Right clicking a bookmark or a folder shows a menu with items like cut, copy, paste, rename and delete. You can just select a bookmark or folder and hit the delete key to remove one and press Ctrl+Z (the universal undo key) to bring it back if you deleted it by accident.

Bookmarks and folders can be clicked and dragged to sort them into order, but there is a better way. Select a folder of bookmarks in the left panel, then go to the Organize menu and select Reorder by title. This sorts the selected folder of bookmarks into alphabetical order. It is much easier to find a bookmark when they are in order.

Chrome bookmarks manager

Only the bookmark names are displayed, but if you mouse over or click one, the URL appears on the right. Now suppose you have two bookmarks that you suspect are the same – it is easy to accidentally bookmark the same site twice. What you do is click the first bookmark to show the URL and mouse over the second bookmark and its URL is also shown. If they are the same, you can delete one.

Organise Chrome bookmarks

Bookmarks can be manually added by right clicking anywhere and selecting Add page. Just enter the website name and URL.

Clean and simple

A well organised bookmarks bar can be shown or hidden with Ctrl+Shift+B. It also appears when you open a new tab too. With the bookmarks sorted into folders and the folder contents in alphabetical order, you will find it easier to locate a bookmark when you need it.

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