Did you know OneDrive has a code editor?

Over the last month I have been moving to the cloud and have been increasingly using Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive for storing files and working. Some of those files are HTML web pages, CSS and so on, and they were moved to OneDrive. What happens if an HTML or CSS file is clicked on OneDrive? Surprisingly, they open in a useful online code editor in the browser window.

The code editor isn’t just a text editor and it is a lot better than I expected. For example, it has code highlighting and it correctly identifies HTML tags, CSS and so on, and colours the code to make it easier to read.

Code editor on OneDrive

For example, HTML tags are dark red, hyperlinks are blue underlined, tag parameters are light red and light blue, comments are green, plain text is black, and so on. There are line numbers down the left margin, and text is wrapped at the right window edge.

Opening and closing brackets are highlighted, and opening and closing tags are also highlighted, so when the cursor is at one, the matching one is highlighted too. This makes it easy to see if you have missed one.

The usual keyboard shortcuts work, so you can copy with Ctrl+C, cut with Ctrl+X, and paste with Ctrl+V. You can open multiple files on tabs and cut, copy and paste from one to the other.

I’m not sure a lot of people will want to store HTML files on OneDrive, but it is an interesting and unexpected feature. I keep some sites on OneDrive partly as a backup and partly to enable them to be updated from any computer with a web browser.

I wonder what other types of code it can handle? Try it and see.

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  1. LewisMCYoutube // 2015/08/01 at 18:12 // Reply

    I wish there was a option for raw code.

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