View phone notifications and more on your PC

When a new email, text message, or important event occurs on your phone, it can play a sound, vibrate, and perhaps turn the screen on to show message. This is fine if the phone is in your pocket or on the desk next to you, but what if you are working on your computer and the phone is elsewhere, such as in another room or even in a briefcase or bag where it cannot be seen or heard? Pushbullet enables you to view phone notifications on the computer screen. You’ll never miss another important notification.

There are two components to Pushbullet and one is the app on the phone or tablet. There are free iOS and Android apps and after installing them, you run them and sign in to a Google account. There are settings in the app for customising it, but the default settings are fine, so the next step is on the PC.

Pushbullet is a free extension for the Chrome browser, so go and get it and add it to Chrome. A Pushbullet button is added to the toolbar at the right of the address box and you sign in to your Google account to activate it.

Pushbullet works a bit like a private instant messaging app between your computer and mobile phone or tablet. You can send text, links, photos, files and lists from the computer to the phone/tablet or the phone/tablet to the computer. Click the button in Chrome’s toolbar and you can send a link for the current web page, or using the buttons at the bottom, select a message, file, or even a map location. Similarly, you can send items from the phone to the computer.

Exchange files and text with Pushbullet

Pushbullet makes it really each to exchange information and files between the computer and phone or tablet. It seems to go a bit further on Android phones and tablets though and the computer shows text messages received by Android phones, such as a Samsung Galaxy S4. Any notifications that appear on the Android phone or tablet with Pushbullet installed, also appear on the computer and you can instantly see what is happening on the mobile device.

Pushbullet notifications

Text messages sent to the iPhone did not appear on the computer screen and the app does not yet have the notification mirroring feature, but you still have all the file sharing, messaging sending, link swapping and other goodies.

Pushbullet notifications

Click the Pushbullet button in the Chrome toolbar and there are some useful configuration options. For example, Pushbullet can continue running even when you quit Chrome and this enables phone and tablet notifications to appear on the computer’s screen even when Chrome isn’t running. There is an option to play a sound with notifications, set the time that notifications appear for, and to snooze notifications when you don not want to be disturbed.

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Pushbullet is excellent an excellent Chrome extension and app, and it is recommended for anyone with a mobile phone or tablet, which is just about everyone.

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