Add the one essential feature missing from Google Docs

Google Docs is a useful online word processor, but it isn’t Microsoft Word and it lacks some key features that you might expect of an app of this type. Fortunately, Google Docs is extensible and by installing add-ons, you can add features that are missing. Here is a key feature that you will want to add.

While editing some text using Google Docs, I had a long piece that was entirely in uppercase. All capitals. Now this is not a problem in many word processors because they have a function or menu option that can change the case of text in an instance. You simply drag the mouse over the text to select it, then choose the uppercase or lowercase menu option.

Unfortunately, Google does not have this capability and the prospect of having to tediously retype the whole text again is not most people’s idea of fun.

Luckily there is an add-on and you can easily add this missing feature, saving you a lot of time retyping text that is already in Google Docs.

Get Google Docs add-ons

Click the Add-ons menu and select Get add-ons. A window appears that contains main add-ons for Docs. Rather than browsing through them all, click in the search box in the top right corner and enter case.

Add functions to Google Docs

Two add-ons are listed and either will do, although Change Case was selected for this article. Click the Free button to install it and it will ask permission to access Google Drive. It won’t work if you don’t because it needs to modify the document stored on Google Drive. Click Accept.

When you want to change the case of text in a document, click and drag over it with the mouse to select it. Then go to the Add-ons menu and choose Change Case. All uppercase and All lowercase are pretty obvious. Invert case makes all the letters the opposite of what they currently are.

Change uppercase to lowercase in Google Docs

Sentence case is straightforward and very useful when you understand what it does. All sentences start with a capital letter, so when changing the case of text to lowercase, it automatically makes the first letter of the first word in every sentence a capital.

This is a simple add-on for Google Docs, but it is one that is incredibly useful when someone hands you a file that has all the text in capitals, or you copy and paste from elsewhere and there are capitals where lower case will do.



  1. Now that Google docs has added autocapitalization (which I don’t want to use), how do I turn it off??

  2. Actually, I have discovered that you can do capitalization in Google Docs.
    Highlight the text you would like to capitalize/un-capitalize.
    Do FORMAT > Capitalization > whatever you need from the drop down menu:
    Title Case Which Capitalizes Every First Letter

    <3 Em

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