Get better audio in online video in YouTube and elsewhere

Does the audio in online videos at YouTube and other video sharing websites sound flat and unexciting? Is there too little bass, making it sound weak, or no treble, making it lack sparkle? Add an Audio EQ to your web browser and you can customise the sound to make it better, stronger, and richer.

Flash vs HTML5

There are many different types of video file format and the two most popular for streaming over the internet are Adobe Flash and HTML5. At one time almost every online video was Flash-based, but recently HTML5 has been adopted, partly because it doesn’t require the Adobe plugin, which some devices, like the Apple iPad, don’t support.

Online video sharing websites like YouTube have a mixture of Flash and HTML5 video, with the older clips using Flash and the newer ones using HTML5.

If you want to tell which type of video is playing, right click the video clip and look at the menu that is displayed. It will either have an Adobe Flash menu or HTML5 menu.

HTML5 video menu

Audio EQ for HTML5

One of the advantages of HTML5 video is that the audio can easily be modified and Audio EQ is a Chrome extension that enables you to customise the sound using control panel containing a series of sliders.

Ten sliders distributed throughout the frequency range enables you to boost low frequencies, mid tones or high tones as required. There is no ‘best’ setting here and it depends on the speakers you are using to listen to the audio and the acoustics of the room you are in.

Audio EQ Chrome extension

Click the button in the Chrome toolbar to display the control panel and click the Presets button in the bottom right corner to display a list of preconfigured settings. It’s like the sort of list you get with an MP3 player or phone.

This is a great extension for Chrome if you like watching movies and music videos in your browser. It does not work with Flash video though. If you change the settings and nothing happens, it is probably Flash, so go and find am HTML5 video.

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