Solve Windows problems with Wise PC 1stAid

What do you do when you have a problem with your PC or Windows? You could try and ask a friend, you could post the problem in one of the forums here, or you could use Wise PC 1stAid to fix it. This is a free utility that has been created to solve some common problems with the minimum of fuss.

Wise PC 1stAid is a small program that downloads in seconds and takes up little disk space. When it is run, about two thirds of the program window is taken up by a display of thumbnail images, one for each problem.


The idea is that you browse the thumbnails and see if your problem is listed. If it is, clicking it displays further information and there is a brief description and a longer explanation of the cause and why it happened.

There is a link with each problem to a tutorial on the Wise website that is related in some way. It might be the whole solution, or it could just show you where to find and configure some settings that are related to it. There is useful information here and it is worth checking out the tutorials.

Below the image on the right is a Fix Now button and this repairs the fault described. Sometimes the solution is to download another utility, such as Wise Care 365 or Wise Memory Optimizer, but there are free versions of these, so that’s OK. Wise has several free tools that are worth downloading.

The number of problems and solutions is very limited and there are just 18. However, Wise PC 1stAid also acts as a tool for accessing the Wise help forums. Clicking the Seek Answers button on the home screen opens a form that can be used to post a problem in the forums. An image can be included and you can even take a screen shot.

The screen shot tool enables you to select just a part of the screen and it is automatically attached to the message. A My Question link at the top of the Wise PC 1stAid home screen enables you to see your question and any answers from forum members.

This is a very simple freeware utility that has a limited range of solutions, but the problems they cover are quite common, such as ‘Running speed of PC is too slow’, ‘Too much memory occupied’, ‘Lame internet surfing’ and so on. Wise OPC 1stAid won’t fix every problem you have, but it is still a useful tool to have on your PC just in case.

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