Use YouTube’s TV interface and remote control


YouTube is one of the most visited websites on the internet watching videos is straightforward enough. Just go to and click a video. This is the standard web browser interface and there is a lot of clutter on the screen, such as the logo, search box, tabs, buttons, comments and more. There is a much cleaner and simpler interface that is much better for watching videos.

Instead of the usual website URL, enter this one into your browser and you will see a different interface. It is not designed for web browser windows and it is a TV interface that is designed to be viewed full screen.

 YouTube TV interface

Press F11 to make the web browser fill the screen and hide the title bar, toolbar and other window controls. This is a super-simple YouTube interface that uses the keyboard to access all the features.

Use the up and down arrow keys to move up and down the menu on the left – the column of icons. Each icon accesses a different section of YouTube, such as music, sports, gaming, entertainment, comedy, science and technology and many more. (You can actually spin the mouse wheel instead of pressing up/down.)

Only three large thumbnail images are displayed, but pressing the left and right arrow keys scrolls through the videos. Press Enter to watch the currently selected video. Within a video, use the left and right arrow keys and Enter to select the play/pause, next, previous, home and other buttons.

 YouTube TV interface controls

Just to the left of the home button is three dots and you might not notice them at first. This swaps out the video controls for another set of buttons that enable you to like, dislike, flag and perform other actions.

This interface is great and it gives a far better full-screen experience. You don’t feel like you are sitting at a computer so much.

Now here comes the clever part. You can control this YouTube interface using your mobile phone. You might want to do this if you have a big screen connected to your computer and you want to sit further away, such as on a sofa on the other side of the room, or if you are watching YouTube videos on your big screen TV.


Go to Settings (the gear icon) and click Pair Device. It tells you to go to on your mobile phone and when you do this, this prompts you to enter a number. Type the one on the screen and the two devices are paired.


What this means is that you can browse videos on your phone and when you tap the play button to watch them, instead of them appearing on the phone, they appear on the computer or TV.

 Pair a device with YouTube . Pair a device with YouTube

This is a clever trick and it enables you to sit back and watch YouTube movies on the big screen while using your mobile phone as the remote control. Use the play/pause, stop and other buttons on the phone to control the video on the big screen.

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