Got a problem with Windows or the internet? Fix it!


Everyone has problems with their computer from time to time and as they become more complicated, they become harder to fix. Windows is looks very simple on the surface and is easy to use, but underneath it is actually very complicated and hard to understand. When something goes wrong, what can you do? Simple. Fix it!

If you have ever gone to the Microsoft website looking for solutions to problems, you will have occasionally come across Fix it solutions on the pages. These are a fantastic idea and many problems with Windows can be solved simply by clicking the Run now button in the Fix it panel on the page.

Wouldn't it be useful if there was a list of all the Fix it solutions on the Microsoft website? Then when something goes wrong, we could examine the list and pick the one that fixes the problem.

There is, in fact, a collection of Fix it solutions at and it is very easy to use. Select one of the problem areas by clicking the icon at the top. Select a problem in the list in the middle. Then select the problem at the bottom and click one of the Run now buttons. (Every Fix it panel has a Run now button).

Fix it at Microsoft

In my experience, Fix it solutions often work. Not every problem you might encounter with Windows is listed and even if your problem is listed, the Fix it might not work. But most of the time they do help and it is a good place to start when looking for a solution to a problem.

There is a freeware utility that performs the same sort of thing and FixWin contains a list of common windows problems. These are in categories like File Explorer, Internet and Connectivity, Modern UI and others. Just select the category on the left, select the problem you are experiencing on the right and click the Fix button.

FixWin is a useful utility to have around and it does not need installing. This means that you can carry it on a USB flash memory drive and plug it into any PC to fix problems with it.

Solve Windows problems with FixWin

Microsoft's Fix it solutions are available for all versions of Windows, but FixWin is designed for Windows 8 and 8.1 only.

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