Use DropIt to automatically organise files on the disk drive


Is the disk drive in your PC perfectly organised? Do you know where every file is and is there a folder for each type of file? If you are like most people your disk drive will be a bit of a mess, with files and folders all over the place in a disorganised mess. It doesn’t have to be like this and DropIt can automatically organise files.

DropIt is a free utility for Windows that is available in two versions and there is a regular installer package and a portable package. The installer adds menu items to the Start menu, but the portable package does not install anything in Windows and this is preferred. Just unzip the archive and run the DropIt program inside. If you don’t want it, you just delete the folder. Keeping Windows clean is good idea.

When DropIt is run, it adds an arrow icon to the desktop and it must be configured before it can be used, so right click the icon and select Associations.

 DropIt for Windows

The way that DropIt works is to associate a type of file with a particular folder. For example, you could associate .jpg photos with the C:\Users\YourName\Pictures folder. You could associate .doc files created with Word, WordPad and other programs, with the C:\Users\YourName\Documents folder.

When an association is created, you can drop a file on the desktop icon from an Explorer window and it is moved from wherever it is now to the specified folder. Drop a .jpg image on it for example, and it is moved to the C:\Users\YourName\Pictures folder.

Any number of file types can be associated with a folder and DropIt makes the task easy with some predefined ones. Click the plus button to add a new association and give it a name, such as Pictures.

 Set up associations in DropIt

Click the blue i button to the right of the rules box and mouse over rule examples for files. Select common images and a long list of image file types are automatically selected.

 DropIt file associations


For the action you can choose from move, copy, rename, delete, compress, open with, and many more. Move is a simple one that will help to organise your files. The destination folder is selected by clicking the folder icon to the right of item 4.

Now you can drag files from an Explorer window and drop them on the DropIt arrow to automatically move them to the right folders. It is a great time saver.

There are some additional ways to sort files and to the right of the 2. Rules box is a filter button. Click it and there are options to check the file properties. For example, you can tick the size box, select greater than, enter 1 and select MB. This rule would then only be performed on files that were greater than 1 MB. You might want to use a filter like this to organise videos into separate folders for large (raw footage) and small (edited) files.

 DropIt for Windows

There is another feature that makes DropIt even more useful and it can be set to automatically monitor a folder for new files. Whenever a file is added to the folder, the rules are applied according to the associations and files are then moved to the specified folders.

Imagine how this would work with the Downloads folder for instance. Every time a file is downloaded, it would be moved to the right folder depending on whether it is a zip, image, video, document, PDF and so on. The Downloads folder would be clear of clutter and all the downloads would be organised into folders. And it would all be completely automatic.

 DropIt folder monitoring

To set this up, right click the DropIt icon and select Options. Select the Monitoring tab and use the Add button to add one or more folders to monitor.

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