Add Google Clock to your Windows desktop

Remember Windows Vista? It was not a pleasant memory for some, but it did introduce the concept of desktop widgets. There was a nice clock that you could place on the right side of the desktop and it was permanently visible and showing the time. You could add a calendar too. Widgets continued with Windows 7, but they were dropped with Windows 8. No more desktop clock. However, Google Clock fills that gap.

You need Google Chrome web browser installed on your computer in order to add the clock because it is an app in the Chrome Web Store. Go to and search for Google Clock. Click Clock and then click the +FREE button to install it into Windows.

This does not add anything to the Chrome browser and instead it adds an icon to the Launcher in the taskbar. Click the Launcher and then click Clock.

 Google launcher

There are five tabs and the first one shows the time in analogue and digital formats, the day and date, and there is a large month calendar in the lower half of the window.

 Google Clock

The second tab shows just the clock and the calendar is hidden. Using the Add button, you can add additional clocks for different cities around the world. This is useful if you need to know what the time is in New York, Paris or Sydney, whether it is for work or personal purposes. The reason your friend hasn’t messaged you back could be because it is the middle of the night where they are and they are fast asleep!

 Google Clock

The third tab is an alarm and this can be set for any day of the week or for multiple days by selecting them in the list. A small collection of alarm sounds are provided and can be selected by clicking the speaker button.

 Google Clock

The final two tabs have a timer and a stop watch. The first counts up from zero and the second counts down to zero. The alarm sound can be selected for the countdown timer.

Google Clock is a tiny, almost trivial application, but it is still a useful tool to have in your Launcher. Keep it on the desktop, use it to set alarms and so on.

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