Clean the disk with an Advanced Uninstaller


Uninstalling Windows software using Programs and Features in the Control Panel frequently does a poor job of removing all the files and settings. It is not Windows fault and the uninstaller is provided by the software, not Windows. Uninstalling software can leave registry settings and files on the disk drive. The solution is to use an uninstaller utility and Advanced Uninstaller Pro is one option.

The software is free, apart from one feature, and it does a lot more than simply uninstall software, but let's look at uninstalling first.

 Clean up with Advanced Uninstaller Pro

Advanced Uninstaller Pro has a tiled interface that looks a bit like the Windows 8 Start screen. The tiles provide access to the various parts of the program and so there is no need for any menus.

Click the General Tools tile and a new set of tiles is displayed. These provide access to various tools and the first is Uninstall Programs. Related to this is the next tile, Monitored Installations. Before installing software, you can turn on a monitor that records all the changes made to the computer. This can help with uninstalling it should you decide not to keep it.

Whether an installation is monitored or not, Advanced Uninstaller Pro can remove all traces of software. Click Uninstall Programs, select the program to remove, and click Uninstall. As is standard with this type of tool, the software's own uninstaller does most of the work. When it has finished, Advanced Uninstaller Pro scans the disk and the registry looking for related files and settings that were left behind. These can then be selected and removed for a thorough cleanup.

 Remove software with Advanced Uninstaller Pro

There are many more tools in Advanced Uninstaller Pro and in the General Tools section is a Startup Manager. This lists the programs that start with Windows and unwanted items can be disabled. It isn't as powerful as Autoruns, but it's OK. A Services Manager shows the services that are installed, which ones are running, and enables you to start and stop them. Windows own services manager is prefered, but it is well hidden and Advanced Uninstaller Pro is easier.

A Quick Cleaner erases internet tracks like caches, cookies, histories and so on for the main web browsers, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. It cleans up a few Windows items like histories and temporary files. Ccleaner is better, but it isn't bad.

File and Registry Tools include a file shredder to securely erase files on the disk drive that you no longer need. Files can be overwritten once, three or seven times for security. There is a registry cleaner, a registry optimiser and a backup and restore tool. These keep the registry running smoothly and quickly.

Advanced Uninstaller Pro is a useful tool that does much more than remove software. It is also a general purpose cleanup tool too. There is a lot of competition and some alternatives are excellent. This one is OK and it is neither the best nor the worst. It does a reasonably good job and is free.

However, the Daily Health Check is a useful feature, although it is only available as a 20-day trial. It runs every day and scans the system for junk files, caches, settings and so on. These can be cleaned with one click. It is one of  the best features, which is probably why it isn't free. The rest of the program is free though.

An alternative utility you might like is Wise Program Uninstaller.

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