Clean up Chrome by removing the profile manager


Google Chrome has supported multiple users for a long time and you could add users in settings and then switch from one user to another. It wasn’t very convenient for people that switched profiles a lot, so recently Google added a profile switcher to the title bar. Do you use it though?

Profiles is something that a few people probably use a lot, but a lot of people rarely access, if ever. Some people have more than one Google account and they sometimes browse the web as one user and sometimes as another user. For them, profiles are an essential feature.

Many people are the only user of their computer and if there are others that use it, they usually have their own user account. This means that profile switching is not used because running Chrome from a different user account runs it as that user.

Why not remove the feature and clear the clutter from the browser’s title bar?

 Chrome profile switcher

To do this, enter chrome://flags into the address box. This displays a page packed with hidden configuration settings that are not in the normal Chrome settings. Some are experimental and may or may not work, others may make Chrome worse, so don’t fiddle around with them unless you know what you are doing.

The setting we want is safe to experiment with and it is about half way down the page. It is called Enable new profile management system. Click the button/menu and select Disabled from the options.

 Chrome flags settings

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Relaunch Now button. If Chrome does not restart automatically, just start it in the usual way.

Notice that the profile switcher button and menu have gone. If you want to get them back, just return to chrome://flags and change the setting back to Default.

There is a setting a few items below the one we just changed called Enable the new avatar menu. Setting this to disabled appears to have the same effect of hiding the profile switcher menu.

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