Create and share Windows themes with friends


It is easy to change the Windows theme and give it a makeover. New desktop wallpaper and colours can be selected, new mouse pointers assigned, a different sound scheme selected, and so on. If you have created a great theme, did you know that you can also share it with other people? You can email it, post it online and send it via instant messaging.

To change the theme in Windows, right click en empty part of the desktop and select Personalize. The current theme is shown at the top of the list and below them are several other themes. (I am using an old copy of Windows 7, but the method is the same for other versions of Windows.)

 Windows Control Panel

There is a link to Get more themes online. Clicking it opens a browser window and takes you to the Microsoft website where there are many more themes. You can browse them, download them and install them.

 Download Windows themes

If you change any feature in a theme, it becomes a custom one and there is also a Save theme link. Ignore that for the moment and we will come back to it. Click the Desktop Backgrounds link at the top of the page.

 Windows wallpaper

This part of the website provides some great photos to use as desktop wallpaper. You don’t have to the Microsoft website and there are hundreds of other sites with wallpaper images. Any will do.

 Set an image as wallpaper

Select an image to view it in the browser and then right click it. Half way down the menu is Set as background. This sets the image as the desktop wallpaper.

Back at the Control panel, click Sounds and select a sound scheme to use with Windows. These are the alarms, beeps and chimes that are played when various events occur. I chose a landscape desktop wallpaper and have selected the Landscape sound scheme.

 Set a Windows sound scheme

(Sound scheme may vary, so just see what is on the menu.)

There is a Change mouse pointers link on the left side of the Control Panel and this opens a window that enables you to select a new mouse pointer collection, such as a black collection instead of the white one.

 Change Windows mouse pointers

You can now save your theme by clicking the link. This adds it to the theme collection on the computer.

 Save a Windows theme to disk

What you may not have realised is that your new theme can be right clicked to display a menu and there is an option to Save theme for sharing.

 Share your Windows theme

If the sharing option is selected, the theme is packaged and saved as a .themepack file. This can be emailed, copied to a USB flash drive, and so on.

 Save a Windows theme

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Give it to all your friends. All they need to do is to double click the file and it sets the theme on their computer.

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