Don’t read web pages, listen to them instead

The lazy way to browse the web - no effort required!

Do you find reading web pages tiresome? Would you rather that someone read them out to you so that you could sit back and relax and just listen? This is entirely possible and it will not cost you anything.

Your web browser can read out loud the contents of web pages. Sit back and listen instead of reading.

With a simple tweak to your web browser you can have web pages read out loud to you and this is great for sites like Wikipedia and similar ones with large amounts of text. Listening is a lot easier than reading.

The catch is that you much be using Chrome to browse the web because the trick is performed by an extension.

Install SpeakIt!

Go to the Chrome Web Store and find SpeakIt! or click here  to go straight there. Click the ADD TO CHROME button to install it into the browser.

Install the SpeakIt! extension into Chrome and have web pages read to you.

Customise SpeakIt! settings

As soon as it has finished installing, which takes just a few seconds, it displays the settings page. If you want to return here at some point in the future you can do so by right clicking the SpeakIt! speaker icon at the right side of the address box and selecting Options from the menu that is displayed.

SpeakIt! is a Chrome extension that reads text on web pages to you.

There are several text to speech engines and you can choose from Google in several different languages, iSpeech, SpeakIt! And Native. The foreign language ones automatically translate the text before speaking, which is interesting.

The features vary depending on the speech engine and some have a volume level, a speaking rate that speaks faster or slower, speaking pitch that can be raised or lowered, and a voice, such as male, female, US, UK, Spanish male, Korean female and many more.

You may find that one speaker is easier to understand or easier on the ear than others, so try each one in turn. Click the speaker icon at the right side of the testing box to hear the text read out loud.

Listen to web pages

Using SpeakIt! Is easy and you just click and drag the mouse over text on the web page. Right click it and select SpeakIt! Or click the speaker button at the right side of the address box.

 SpeakIt! Chrome extension

Clicking the speaker icon displays a small panel with pause and stop buttons.

 SpeakIt! Chrome extension

This is a simple Chrome extension that does just one job, but it does it quite well and it is a useful tool to have for those times when your eyes are tired from too much reading. Set it speaking, close your eyes and sit back and relax as SpeakIt! reads out the text on the page.

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