Remove malware with an emergency kit

There are many security suites to choose from that will keep your Windows computer free of viruses and other malware. However, few are perfect and even the best might let something slip through that infects your computer. It is useful to have other tools ready to combat infections, such as Emsisoft Emergency Kit.

This is a free program that is intended to clean up an already infected PC and it does not provide real-time protection to block infections. It is therefore not to be used on its own. However, because it does not include real-time protection, it does not clash with other security software and can be used alongside it.

Download Emsisoft Emergency Kit and run the program in the Downloads folder. It looks like it is installing, but really it is just copying the files to the C:\EEK folder. If you want, you can use Explorer to copy this to a USB flash drive (pen drive or thumb drive). This enables it to be carried in your pocket and used on other computers to check for malware and clean them.

Open the C:\EEK folder and double click Start Emergency Kit Scanner.

 Windows Explorer

 If the malware database is out of date, you are asked if you want to update it. If you have an internet connection then click the Yes button to update it.

 Emsisoft Emergency Kit

After the update, the main screen is displayed and the Scan button is used to check the PC for malware.

 Emsisoft Emergency Kit

You are asked if you want to detect PUPs, which are potentially unwanted programs. A common complaint is that ‘I have XXX security software on my computer, but it still got infected by YYY.’ PUPs are not viruses, so antivirus software does not prevent them from installing on the computer. They are irritating programs that change your browser’s home page, add toolbars, pop up adverts and so on. Click Yes.

 Emsisoft Emergency Kit

The Clean Computer screen has four scanning options, but before selecting one, click the Performance Settings button at the bottom.

 Emsisoft Emergency Kit

This enables you to set the performance of the scan. This PC has a quad-core processor and it is possible to select one to four processors. Select them all and set the Scan thread priority to High and the scan will run very quickly, but doing anything else on the computer at the same time will be slow. Select only half the processors and set the Scan thread priority to Low and you can continue to use the computer while the scan runs in the background.

 Emsisoft Emergency Kit

You can now go ahead and select one of the scan options. A full scan is recommended because it checks all areas of the disk drive. If any malware is found, it will be dealt with. It is worth scanning your computer once a week even if you have other security software because it is always useful to have a second opinion.

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