7 Quick Tips to Boost your Wi-Fi Connection

Radio communication technology has changed our lives. We are connected with our equipment without a wire. Nowadays almost everyone is using a wireless connection (Wi-Fi) in their cell phones, laptops, PCs, gadgets and other devices.

We are living in the fast paced, high-tech generation era. Nothing can be more frustrating than a slow Wi-Fi connection. In this post I will share some tips to boost your Wi-Fi signal in easy ways.

tips to increase Wi-Fi speed

Wi-Fi network uses radio signals (waves) to send and receive data between internet and connected devices. The strength of radio signal is one factor that determines the speed of data transfer. A Number of things affect Wi-Fi signals and enhancing the signal strength can help to increase your internet speed.  Let see some tweaks to boost your Wi-Fi signals.

  1. The right router position – Generally people do not pay attention to where the router should be placed. It can be an important issue regarding weak signals. Always try to install a router in the middle of your house so the signal can reach all accessible devices easily. The distance between the router and your device impacts the signal strength. Try to avoid obstacles like large metal objects, big furniture and brick or stone house walls between your router and devices. They could weaken your Wi-Fi and affect the speed, so place your router high-up.
  2. Add a Wi-Fi signal repeater – A repeater amplifies or repeat signals from routers. Repeaters are wireless devices that can be installed easily in your home or offices. They are reasonably cheap and installing a repeater in between your router and devices can improve the signal strength.
  3. Update the router software – Check your router software and upgrade to the latest version of firmware in your router if necessary.  An old firmware version could be the cause of weak signals. The latest version of firmware may fix some software issues and enhance the Wi-Fi signals.
  4. Attach a new powerful antenna – An antenna plays a major role in signal strength and it is a type of signal booster. You might be able to buy a new antenna and easily replace with old one to enhance the signals. If your router is not placed in the center of your home then an antenna will help you to transmit a stronger signal to your all devices comfortably. However, some models of router do not support additional antennas.
  5. Frequency Problem – using too many electronic devices in same frequency could affect your Wi-Fi speed. Check your router frequency and avoid other electronic device like monitors, phones, etc. on the same frequency.
  6. Same brand devices - You may not believe, but using different brands of equipment could reduce the speed. If you use different brands they may not deliver the best results they can. It is because many manufacturers of wireless networking equipment install enhancements in all of their products. These  can easily supercharge your WiFi speed.
  7. Use a high security password – If you are using weak password for your Wi-Fi anyone (or neighbours) can access it easily. Sharing the network will reduce the speed, so always use a strong password to protect your Wi-Fi  and prevent unwanted access.

I hope these tips will resolve of your weak Wi-Fi signal problem.

Kaylyn Gabrial works as a college guidance counselor in Canada. Apart from this she writes blogs and articles for various Abroad network administration institutes.

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