Get a free internet radio player for Linux and Windows

There is little need for a physical radio these days, apart from in the car. Instead of tuning in a radio to listen to your favourite station, it can be streamed over the internet instead. Here is a radio player for Linux and Windows users.

There are hundreds of great stations and unlike a normal radio, you do not need to be in the local broadcast area. The internet reaches every part of the world and this means that you can listen to a radio station thousands of miles away, even in another country, just as easily as one that is a few miles down the road in your local town.

With access to any radio station from anywhere in the world, just imagine the huge variety that is available. It is wide ranging to say the least and every music genre you can think of is supported, and many you have not thought of too.

Many popular radio stations broadcast not only over the air to traditional radio equipment, but also over the internet. Radiola is a free radio player that enables you to listen to your internet radio station broadcasts.

 Radiola for Linux and Windows

On the download page for Radiola are normal and portable Windows versions, Suse 32-bit/64-bit, and Ubuntu 32-bit/64-bit versions. (And a Mac version too.) I tried the Windows version, but they are all pretty much the same.

It is a simple program that looks like it has only a few basic features, but there is more to it than first appears. It comes with a list of radio stations and this is far from complete. In fact, it shows only a small selection of what is available on the internet. However, it is sufficient to get you started though.

Browse the music genres (folders) and expand them to see a list of stations. You just click a station and click the Play button to start listening. It is straightforward and easy to select and play stations.

Radio broadcasts can be recorded, so if your favourite music is playing, you could save it to disk and listen to it again and again. Click the Rec button and it starts recording the radio stream. Click it again to stop and the recording is saved as a standard MP3 file in the Music folder. You don’t need to select the save location or the filename because it is named after whatever music track is playing when you hit record.

Right click a genre (a folder) in the radio station list and a menu appears that enables it to be renamed or deleted, you can also add a new folder or a new station. I added a Pop folder because there didn’t appear to be a Pop genre.

If you choose to add a new station, you must manually enter the details. A much easier way to add stations is to go to a website like Shoutcast, which lists hundreds, and find one you like. Click the download button and choose Winamp. You can then drag the file from the Downloads folder and drop it on any genre folder in Radiola to add it. Then just click and play.


Radiola is a very simple radio player and it doesn’t even have the ability to create favourites. However, a simple solution is to create a Favourites folder and then to drag and drop your favourite stations in it. Stations can be dragged from one genre to another easily enough.

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Grab a copy of Radiola, especially if you have Linux and want a compact, but useful radio player.

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