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glary-updateThe software on your Windows computer could be out of date, even if you only installed it last week or yesterday. Applications and utilities are frequently updated and you can keep on top of the latest release using a free utility to notify you of new versions of utilities and applications.

You cannot tell whether the software on your PC is current or out of date by looking at it. You have to find out which version each program and utility is, which version is currently available for download, and see if the two are the same.

This is not a trivial or easy task and you have to run the software and see if there is an About menu, which is usually a sub-item on the Help menu. That is if the program has traditional menus and not all do. It can be time consuming and sometimes difficult to find the version number in some programs.

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You then have to try and find out where an update to the program is available for download on the internet. Which website did a program come from? If you know, you then have to go there and check the version number, but if you don’t, what then?

Glarysoft has a free utility for Windows PCs called Software Update. It could not be simpler to use and there are no menu options and you just run it. It scans the computer to see what software you have installed and automatically gets the version numbers, it then goes online and sees if there are any updates available.

 Glarysoft Software Update for Windows

A web browser window opens and it lists the updates that are available. There is a big green download button next to each one. I found three updates when I ran it on my PC.

 Glarysoft Software Update for Windows

Software Update uses the Glarysoft Filepuma website, which is a software download site. There is a lot of software there, but it does not have every program ever made. Updates are therefore limited to what is on Filepuma. However, it contains all the most popular software, so it is quite likely that you will have quite a few of the programs.

There is a link, Customize Results, that enables you to configure each program. It can show all releases, hide this release or hide all releases. This is useful if there are programs you don’t want to update.

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Software updates can add new features to programs and also fix bugs and other problems that people have been experiencing. However, it is also worth mentioning that occasionally people don’t like an update. It might introduce a bug or features might change. It is something to bear in mind, but usually it is a good idea to keep software as up to date as you can. This free utility will make the task that little bit easier.

It can be uninstalled at any time through Programs and Features in the Control Panel.

Title: Software Update
Price: Free
Developer: Glarysoft
Size: 4.5MB

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