Stop Chrome opening two tabs when it is started

An irritating fault that can occur with Chrome is that when it is started, it opens your home page as normal, but then it also opens another page on another tab. What is causing this behaviour and how do you stop it? Here are some tips for solving the problem.

In my case the problem was that a blank tab was opening along with the home page, but it could be a website, search engine, ad page and so on. The cause is always the same and it is usually quite easy to solve.

Here is a pic of the problem on my PC. There is an about:blank tab:

 Chrome opens tabs

The cause is either in Chrome's settings or extensions. It could be in both. Enter chrome://extensions in the address box and take a close look at each one. Are you sure that you need them all? Are there any that you don't remember adding? One of them could be the cause of the extra tab, so disable them all, close Chrome and restart it. If it starts up OK then you will know that the cause is one of the extensions you disabled.

In my case this did not help. If it is not an extension, the problem is in the settings. Go to the menu and select Settings.

 Chrome settings

Go to the On startup section and it will be set to Open a specific page or set of pages. Click the Set pages link. This is what was on my PC:

 Chrome startup

Any number of pages can be set here and each one will be opened in its own tab when Chrome is started. If there is more than one entry, then that is your problem and the unwanted tab or tabs must be deleted.

In my case, only one home page is specified, so where was the about:blank tab coming from? I must admit that it had me fooled for several minutes and it was only when I accidentally moved the mouse over this that I saw the problem.

 Chrome startup

There is in fact, an extra entry, but it is blank. That is why it was opening about:blank in the other tab on startup. The way to remove unwanted startup pages is to mouse over them and then click the cross at the right side. When this was done, Chrome only started up with the specified home page.

It is common for free software downloads to included unwanted extras, PUPs or potentially unwanted programs. These often add extra startup pages and may include an extension. Deleted the extension, remove the startup page and Chrome will be returned to normal.

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4 Comments on Stop Chrome opening two tabs when it is started

  1. Thanks for this article, fixed my issue

  2. I have been trying to figure out the about:blank tab mystery for a long time (periodically!), but your article did the trick. My about:blank tab was occurring first before my ‘google’ startup page tab. Following your directions, I opened the startup page window to look but there was no space between and ‘add new page’. That’s because the phantom page was above ‘’ when I hovered above it! Awesome… thanks again!!

  3. Thank you very much, it really works! I was looking for a long time to solve this problem!

  4. Thank you for having the exact same issue I was having. It was bugging me for a week! And now? Boom. Solved. The images really helped make sure I got the problem, so thanks for the screen grabs too.

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