Never forget what you place on the Windows clipboard

This free utility will boost the power of the clipboard

The clipboard is such a useful tool that it is hard to imagine using the computer without it. Anything you copy is placed on it and can be used later. Could it be better? Yes. Save.Me adds great new features.

Although the clipboard can be used to store anything, it only works with one item at a time. If you copy some text using a word processor or text editor, it is stored on the clipboard. If you then copy something else, it replaces what was previously on the clipboard.

This is a major irritation, yet after countless Windows updates and new versions, the clipboard is still a single item storage tool. You cannot copy two or more items to it.

Wouldn’t it be useful if the clipboard could store an unlimited number of items? You could then copy several text clippings, multiple images, files, URLs and more. Save.Me does exactly that, and more.

Save.Me is a free utility that does not need installing. Just download the 32-bit or 64-bit version, whichever is appropriate for your version of Windows, and unzip it. There is a single file to run and it can be placed in any folder and even on a USB flash drive and carried in your pocket.

It starts working from the minute you run it and it minimises to an icon in the notification area at the right side of the taskbar. Open the Save.Me window and there are three panes. The first is a list of functions and this takes the place of a menu or toolbar.

The middle pane contains a list of items copied to the clipboard. It has a caption, shows where it was copied from, when it was copied and more. When a clipboard item in the middle pane is selected, the third pane acts as a preview and shows the text, image, and so on.

Save.Me clipboard for Windows

Copy multiple items to the clipboard

Clipboard items are automatically saved and you are not required to do anything to save them. All the items can be browsed in the middle pane, you can select one, and then copy it back to the clipboard. It is quick, simple, and easy to use.

Clipboard items can be marked as favourites and protected so that they cannot be accidentally deleted. If Save.Me is run from a USB flash drive, you could even copy items to the clipboard on one computer and then use them on another computer. That could be a useful feature for some people.

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Save.Me does a bit more than copy the clipboard. If you copy a URL, for example, the preview pane does not show the URL, it shows the web page instead, so you can see what page it actually refers to.

If a file is copied to the clipboard, the whole file is physically copied. The same goes for folders too, and if a folder is copied, Save.Me saves a copy of the folder. You can set size limits in the settings to avoid copying too much though.

There is a search facility, which could be useful if you have saved a lot of items. Clipboard items are saved when the computer is switched off or Windows is rebooted and they persist forever. However, in the settings (right click the icon in the taskbar), you can set limits.

For example, you could set a number of items to store with the oldest automatically removed when the limit is reached, you could set a number of days to keep clipboard items, or set size limits.

Save.Me is a really good multi-clipboard manager that has some great features. If you have ever wished for a more powerful clipboard, you should definitely get it.

Title: Save.Me
Price: Free
Size: 7 MB
Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Verdict: A useful freeware tool to improve the clipboard.

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