Add great spring themes to Windows and colour the desktop

spring-themesWindows is easily customised and you can download and install new themes that completely change the way Windows looks. These themes are free and there are some excellent ones for spring to brighten up the desktop.

A theme is a collection of items that will change the way Windows looks and sounds. It includes one or more images for the desktop background, new colour schemes that match the images, and several sounds for various system events. Everything is packaged in a single theme file, so there is just one download and a file that is easy to install.

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There is a large collection of Windows themes at the Microsoft website, and some are specific to Windows 7 or 8, but a lot work on both.

There are featured themes and the new spring ones can be found at the Windows Personalisation Gallery home page. Click the Get this Saplings theme link or Get this Spring Blooms theme link.

 Windows Themes

Click the Download theme button and the file is saved to the Downloads folder. Open the folder afterwards and double click the Saplings.themepack file, or if you are using Google Chrome just click the downloaded file button in the bottom left corner of the browser. The theme is installed and is automatically selected.

 Windows theme

Repeat this with the other spring theme – download it and install it by opening it.

The Personalisation app in the Control Panel might open automatically, but if it does not, right click an empty part of the desktop and select Personalise. All the themes are listed and you will find the new themes there. You can switch from one theme to another just by clicking it.

 Personalise Windows

A theme includes a colour scheme and they are selected to match the theme. What if you don’t like a particular colour scheme, such as pink window title bars or eye-watering bright yellow ones? They can be changed quite easily. Click the Colour icon and then choose the colour scheme you want to use, such as a traditional Windows blue. The first colour chip with the rainbow fan is an automatic colour chooser. Windows will analyse the desktop image and select a colour scheme to match it.

 Windows colour scheme

If a new colour scheme is selected and the Save changes button clicked, the theme is them classified as an unsaved custom theme. You can see one in the (third) screenshot above. It can be right clicked and saved, or you can click the original theme to return to its colour scheme.

A theme includes at least one desktop image and there are often a dozen or more. These can be customised by clicking the Desktop background icon in (third) screenshot above (right click the desktop and select Personalise).

 Windows desktop background

Clear the ticks against any desktop background images you do not want to use. There are some useful options below and you can choose how often to change the desktop image. The times range from every 10 seconds to once a day. Changing it too frequently will be very distracting and the best option is 1 day.

Every day when you switch on your computer it will show a new image, making it fresh and interesting without being distracting.

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