Enhance your photos with InPixio for free

Not everyone needs Photoshop and while it may be a powerful tool, for simple photo editing jobs a simple editor is sometimes the best option. InPixio is a free photo editor that is fine for enhancing your photos.

There is a free and a Premium version of the software and I tried the free one. There are some limitations as I will reveal, but it is also quite useable in free mode and it has some good features that make it worthwhile downloading and installing. It runs on any PC with Windows.

The interface is non-standard, but good, and instead of the usual menu bar at the top of the window, there is a menu button in the top left corner. There are few menus and most of the features and functions are in a slide-out panel on the right.

 InPixio photo editor for Windows

There are five tabs and these provide access to effects, crop, adjustments, frames and textures. Click a tab, such as Effects and the effects are in categories like Lomo, Black and White, Vintage, Photography, Portrait and so on. Select a category and there are thumbnail images showing an example of each effect. There are 20 free effects and dozens more with Premium labels on that you can unlock if you upgrade to the Premium version of InPixio.

 InPixio photo editor for Windows

The Crop tab has predefined ratios, such as 1/1, 3/2, 16/9 and several more. There is also a free crop option that lets you crop to any size or ratio. Photos can be rotated by a degree at a time to straighten them too.

On the Adjustments tab are five categories, but only Adjustments and Colour Balance are available in the free version. The free controls enable you to adjust the temperature, tint, brightness, shadows, highlights, contrast, clarity and saturation. All these adjustments are by dragging a slider and the effect is immediately seen in the image. The undo button restores the original if you mess things up.

The Frames tab has lots of frames that can be applied to the photo and they are organised into categories – classic, retro, ornament, paint, asia, travel, fun and festive. There are 20 free frames and dozens more in the premium version of InPixio if you upgrade. The size is easily adjusted using a slider.

 InPixio photo editor for Windows

The last category is Textures and as with the other tabs, there are several categories, including light teak, grain, film, bokeh, double exposure, material and space. Only four are free this time, but the opacity and blend mode can be adjusted.

In each case with these effects, borders and so on, you can view the image before and after. Both can be shown on the screen either separately, or split down the middle so one half has the effect and the other half is the original.

 InPixio photo editor for Windows

This Windows photo editor is reminiscent of phone apps where you apply various filters, effects, frames and so on to a photo, then save it or share it. InPixio has all this too and you can save the image under a different name to disk, share it on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr.

InPixio makes it easy to make adjustments to the colour, contrast, brightness and saturation, and applying special effects couldn’t be simpler. If you are looking for an easy photo editor to fix and enhance your snapshots, this will do

Title: InPixio
Price: Free
Company: Avanquest
Size: 96 MB
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8

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