Reserve your copy of Windows 10 Upgrade

Microsoft is gearing up for the release of Windows 10 and it is going to be huge! Have you reserved your copy of the new operating system? You can do so now with a special task bar icon.

Take a look at the taskbar at the right hand side and look for a little Windows logo.

 Windows 10 upgrade

If you don’t see this, try using Windows Update to make sure the OS is up to date. Let the mouse hover over this icon and a message appears Get Windows 10. Click the icon and a window opens on the desktop.

 Windows 10 upgrade

It says that you can reserve your free copy of Windows 10 upgrade by clicking the button at the bottom. Before you do that, you might want to click the arrow button at the right hand side of the window. There are six different screens to view.

 Windows 10 upgrade

He last one simply says Reserve your Windows 10 upgrade today! Click the button.

 Windows 10 upgrade

You are prompted to enter your email address and click the Send confirmation button.

 Windows 10 upgrade

The icon remains in the taskbar and if you right click it, you get a little menu that has some extra options.

 Windows 10 upgrade

You can check your status, go to Windows update and access an FAQ with Get to know Windows 10.

The big question is why is Microsoft doing this? There is no need to reserve your copy of Windows 10 because there is nothing physical to reserve. It is a download.

There are several possible reasons to do this, such as to generate interest in Windows 10, to measure interest in it, to get an idea of how many people will upgrade, to promote Windows 10, to manage bandwidth on launch day by spreading out downloads over a longer period. Some people might even get it a day or two early, before the general public overloads the download server. One can only hope.

So when will Windows 10 be released? July 29th.

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