Solve jigsaw puzzles on your PC with this Windows game

jigsaw-puzzleJigsaws are an entertaining way to spend an hour or two, except when you discover as you have nearly completed one that there is a piece missing. When you play on the computer you can’t lose a piece and it is more fun.

Some people like to play first person shooters, some like to play sorts simulations, others like games that are more mentally challenging, like Jigsaw Puzzles HD. This is nothing more than a computer simulation of a traditional jigsaw puzzle, but it is more entertaining than you might think.

Jigsaw Puzzles HD is a free app from the Windows Store and it runs from the Start screen on Windows 8 computers and the Microsoft Surface tablet.

It isn’t just a single jigsaw and it is more of a jigsaw creator. A small collection of photos is provided with the app and you can choose the one you want to use. The images are excellent and are high quality that look great all on their own. In fact, if you pay the upgrade fee you can set them as the lock screen image in Windows 8. In addition to the images bundled free with the free app, there are image packs that you can buy and there must be around 100 images available.

 Jigsaw Puzzles HD for Windows

After selecting an image, you choose the number of pieces in the puzzle and in the free app there are from 15 to 60. Pay the upgrade fee and the number can be increased to 160. The puzzle pieces can be all the right way up, or as in real life, they can be rotated left or right or upside down. A 60 piece puzzle with rotation is not that hard, but it could take around 15 minutes depending on the image.

You see the finished image and after memorising it, the puzzle pieces are scattered around the screen. They can be clicked or tapped to rotated them, and they can be dragged around. Place two next to each other and if they fit, they snap together and become one larger piece.

 Jigsaw Puzzles HD for Windows

Solving the onscreen jigsaw puzzle is no different to a real one, but you have less space and the pieces tend to get in the way. This is not a flaw though, and it just makes the puzzles a bit more challenging. They can be saved and loaded, so you don’t have to finish one in one sitting.

There is sufficient in free Jigsaw Puzzles HD to keep you entertained for a few days. When you become bored with the image collection and want more, or if you want to make the puzzles harder, there are in-app purchases. It is a simple and entertaining game for people that don’t like fast action shooters.

Title: Jigsaw Puzzles HD
Price: Free
Developer: Enless Soft Ltd.
Size: 48 MB

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