Add Momentum for a bright new tab page in Chrome

Tabs are quite possibly the best feature ever added to web browsers and it is hard to imagine life without them. They are quite dull, but function well enough. You can make them more exciting and add new features with Momentum for Chrome.

Momentum is an app for Chrome that gives new tabs a complete makeover. There are new graphics, new buttons, favourite websites and more. It makes new tabs great to look at and it makes them much more useful.

Get Momentum from the Chrome Web Store and after installation, click the new tab button at the top of the browser window. You will see something like this:

 Momentum Chrome tab

The first feature you will notice is the bookmarks. Don't worry if  they do not suit you because these are just examples and they can be modified or replaced. Mouse over one and an edit button and a delete button appear in the top right corner of the tile. This enables the name and URL to be changed or the whole tile deleted. There is a button after the last tile to add more if you need them.

It take a few minutes to replace the default set of tiles with your favourite websites, but then new tabs are already beginning to be more useful and you can open a tab, click a tile and be at your favourite website in no time.

Along the bottom of the browser window is an app tray. It is reminiscent of the Dock on an Apple Mac's desktop and it holds icons that open apps, Chrome apps that is. Click the button in the bottom right corner and you can add any app that is installed in Chrome. This means that you can have a whole row of useful buttons across the bottom of new tab windows.

 Momentum new tab in Chrome

Across the top is a toolbar and this enables you to access bookmarks, browsing history, downloads extensions, and Momentum settings. The bookmark tiles can be customised and there are different tile layouts to choose from. The shape, number, size, spacing, transparency and other parameters can easily be modified.

 Momentum new tab for Chrome

The tab background can be changed and there is a good selection of great images to choose from in a gallery. The images are organised into categories and there are cartoons, scenery, games, movies, sports and more. You can choose an image of your own from the disk drive too.

 Momentum new tab for Chrome

In the top left corner is a search box and pressing space opens up a search box. This enables you to search Google, Yahoo! Or Bing and there is a little menu to select the search engine. It isn’t really needed because you can type searches into the address box, but it looks good. The date and the PC’s IP address is also displayed.

Momentum is a great new tab tool that has lots of customisation features and some useful functions. If you want to replace Chrome’s dull new tab page with something that is more exciting and more useful, try this. It is really good.

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