The most controversial feature in Windows 10

There is a new feature in Windows 10 that is causing people to have second thoughts about Microsoft’s new operating system. It could be a fantastic new time saver or a serous security flaw depending on your viewpoint.

The controversial new feature is wireless password sharing. Is it a great idea that will save you time and effort or an easy way for hackers to get into your network?

To see what the problem is, just try connecting to a wireless network. This could be at home, at work or a public Wi-Fi hotspot. Here is a pic taken from the public beta of Windows 10:

 Wi-Fi password sharing in Windows 10

Notice the tick box that enables you to share the network will all your contacts? That is what has people concerned.

Previously if you have guests over at your house or at work, they will no doubt want to connect to the Wi-Fi network with their phone, tablet or laptop computer. You can tell them the password or you can type it in to their device for them.

With Windows 10 you can tick that box and all your contacts will have access to that password, saving the bother of typing it in when they want to use the wireless network. It saves a lot of time and effort getting them on the network and they can just connect without being challenged for a password.

This would be fine for close friends and trusted people, but your contacts may contain people you barely know. More like acquaintances, work contacts, people you know, but aren’t exactly best friends with. They will all get access to your network if you choose to share your password using the tick box Windows 10.

You do at least know who will get your password, but what if you choose not to share your password. When someone visits your home or workplace, or wherever the Wi-Fi network is, they will ask for the password. They can then share it will all their friends. Among these will be people you don’t know, because you will not be friends with every person that your friend is friends with.

You cannot give the Wi-Fi password to someone for fear of them ticking that box and sharing it with unknown people. People you do not necessarily want to have access to your network.

In Windows 10 you must take the phone, tablet or computer off them and enter the password yourself to ensure they do not tick that box and share your secure network login details with anyone.

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