How to customise Quick Access in File Explorer in Windows 10

Windows Explorer has been renamed File Explorer in Windows 10 and there is a new Quick access section in the left panel. You can customise it so that it works better for you in just a couple of minutes.

Click the File Explorer icon in the taskbar and the window opens on the desktop. It is very similar to Windows explorer and on the left side of the window is a panel that contains your drives.

At the top is the Quick access list and this is a place for your most commonly used folders. Each item has a pin next to it to indicate that it is a pinned item. Folders can be added to the Quick access list, their order can be rearranged and items can be removed.

 Windows 10 File Explorer

If you do not like the order in which the items are listed in the Quick access section, just click and drag them to the new place in the list. A thick horizontal bar is drawn to indicate the place where an item will be inserted when it is dropped.

 Windows 10 File Explorer

The Downloads folder has been dragged and dropped just under Desktop in the list. It is more convenient here, but it is up to you to order the items that suits you.

 Windows 10 File Explorer

Suppose there is an item in the Quick access list that you never used. It can be removed, perhaps to make space for a folder that is used more often. Right click any pinned item in the list and select Unpin from Quick access. This does not delete the folder on the disk drive, it just removes it from the list.

 Windows 10 File Explorer

If there is a folder on the disk drive that you use a lot, why not add it to the Quick access list. It saves you having to hunt for it on the disk. Click and drag any folder in the Explorer window and drop it in the Quick access list. The thick black line shows where it will be inserted.

 Windows 10 File Explorer

When File Explorer opens or when Quick access is selected on the left, it displays them in the main window. This is the Tiles view and you can select different views on the View menu.

 Windows 10 File Explorer

File Explorer isn’t that much different to Explorer in Windows 8, but it is very different to Explorer in Windows 7. The library icons that were displayed in Windows 7 have been replaced by Quick access shortcuts in Windows 10.

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