Solve Windows 10 privacy issues with ShutUp10

Do you have privacy concerns about Windows 10? It is hard not to have seen the large number of negative articles in recent weeks covering the topic, but there is a solution and O&O ShutUp10 is the answer.

The problem is that there are a lot of settings within Windows 10 that collection information about you and what you do on the computer, and then it is sent it back to Microsoft. Is it necessary for Microsoft to collect so much information? Microsoft might think so, but other people are a bit concerned about the amount of data they reveal about themselves and what will happen to it.

Some of the information that is gathered can be used to make Windows 10 more friendly and it can enable Cortana to provide better answers to your questions. Location information can result in local results in searches, suggestions and autocomplete when you are typing can reduce the keypresses required, and so on. It is useful, but also an intrusion of your privacy.

Finding all the settings in Windows 10 that affect your privacy and security can be difficult because they are spread out. There are a few settings here, a few more there, some are elsewhere and so on. You could spend an hour trying to track them all down and even then you might miss a few.

O&O ShutUp10 is the answer to Windows 10 privacy problems and it gathers together all the privacy and security settings that are in the new operating system and it presents them in a single list. The settings are organised into categories like Security, Privacy, Location Services, User Behaviour and so on.

 O&O ShutUp10 privacy tool

You can read through the items on the list and toggle the on/off switch as you prefer for each setting. It is brilliantly simple and exactly what is needed to solve those privacy issues.

There is an Actions menu that is even simpler. Each of the settings has a symbol next to it, such as a green tick, orange triangle or red exclamation mark. The green ticks are recommended settings and selecting Actions, Apply all recommended settings configures Windows 10 with the recommended security and privacy settings. It is the safe option.

ShutUp10 Windows 10 privacy

There are some extra options that have orange triangles and these you need to think about. They reduce certain functions, such as disabling driver updates through Windows Update, but other updates are allowed. Either set these manually or choose Actions, Apply all recommended settings and limited recommended settings.

To apply all the settings, just choose this option on the Actions menu.

Windows creates system restore points (a sort of limited backup) on a regular basis, but there is an option on the Actions menu to create one now. It is a good idea to do this before applying any settings. It is unlikely that anything bad will happen, but it is better to be safe than sorry. There is also an Undo all changes option on the Actions menu too.

O&O ShutUp10 is a portable application that requires no installation. Just unzip it and double click the program to run it.

Title: O&O ShutUp10
Price: Free
Developer: O&O Software
Size: 0.2MB
Verdict: A useful tool that puts lots of privacy settings in one place.

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