Access programs faster on the Windows 10 Start menu

There are lots of little features in Windows 10 that make using the computer simpler, easier or faster. There is a simple trick you can use with the Start menu that will get you to your programs faster, for example.

It is nothing really, just a couple of mouse clicks, but it is a useful alternative to the obvious way of getting to your programs.

Click the Start menu and there are tiles on the right to Windows Store apps and a small number of other programs. There is a list of frequently accessed programs on the left of the Start menu too.

 Windows 10 Start menu

Most of the software installed on the PC is not immediately accessible and to see everything that is available you have to click All apps in the bottom left corner of the Start menu.

This displays a list of programs that is arranged in alphabetical order. You then have to scroll down a long list looking for whatever app you want.

 Windows 10 Start menu

Apps are organised into groups according to the letter they start with, so there is a group of apps starting with A, then B, C and so on. At the top are apps starting with numbers.

If you click 0-9, A, B, C and so on, you get a grid showing the alphabet, plus a few other items like 0-9. Click a letter and you go straight there, so click W and all the programs starting with the letter W is displayed.

 Windows 10 Start menu

This is a quick way to jump to programs near the end of the All apps list and is an alternative to scrolling.

It is not quite perfect because some apps are in sub-menus and are not listed directly. For example, a game that begins with the letter Z might not be at the end of the list under Z, but under G where the Games sub-menu is found.

This is still a useful trick for jumping around the Start menu.


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