Define your own quick actions buttons in Windows 10

Define your own quick actions buttons to carry out common tasks

Windows 10 Quick ActionsWindows 10 has a feature called quick actions. Do you know what they are? Just how quick are they? What do they do? This guide shows where to find them and how to customise them to do what you want.

What are quick actions?

There are four quick actions buttons in Windows 10 and they can be accessed by clicking the Action Centre button at the right side of the taskbar – the one next to the clock.

Clicking this button displays the Action Centre panel that slides out from the right-hand edge of the screen and there is a group of buttons at the bottom. The number that are displayed depends on whether you click the Expand or Collapse link just above them on the right. There are either four or 12. Here is Action Centre with all 12 buttons displayed.

 Action Centre in Windows 10

Notice that not all the buttons are hidden when the Collapse link is clicked. The top row of four buttons are always visible. These are the quick actions buttons and they are always available.

Take a look at the full set of buttons. Which ones do you use the most? Are there any that you regularly use? These can be set as the quick action buttons.

Configure quick actions

Go to the Start menu and select Settings. Click the System category and then select Notifications and actions on the left. On the right are the four quick actions buttons.

 Windows 10 Quick Actions

Each of these buttons can be changed and clicking each one in turn displays a pop-up list of quick actions. There are 12 quick actions to choose from in this pop up list – it scrolls to show extra ones off the top or bottom of the list.

 Windows 10 Quick Actions

For each of the four buttons, you can select any of these actions. In theory it would be good to choose actions that are hard to find and are not easily accessed elsewhere, but in practise they are all elsewhere.

The best use for these quick actions buttons is to select the four most common actions you use and then to click Collapse on the Action Centre panel so that just these four are displayed. This leaves the maximum amount of space for notification messages.

It is a simple feature of Windows 10, but it could be useful to have your favourite actions just a couple of mouse clicks away.

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