Get amazing Google wallpaper for your desktop and browser

If you have ever used Bing to search the web you cannot have failed to notice the fantastic photograph that is displayed. Google has come up with an alternative that is equally amazing and features superb photography.

Google’s alternative to Bing’s image of the day is actually taken from Google Earth. The search giant has some first class aerial photos of both natural geographic and man-made landscapes, and around 1,500 are available at

Go to the website and click Explore. There is an image that fills the browser window and left and right arrows at each side enable you to browse forward and back through the photos.


There is a menu button in the top left corner and when click, there is an option to Start Leanback Mode. Select it and the images run as a slide show. Press F11 on the keyboard to make the browser full screen and borderless to see the photos at their best.

 Google Earth View

Press F11 again to return to a normal browser window, return to the menu and select Stop Leanback Mode.

The current image can be downloaded as wallpaper. Open the Downloads folder in an Explorer window, right click the image and select Set as desktop background. You can grab a new image very day for 1,500 days!

There is an option on the menu to Add Extension and it takes you to the Chrome Web Store. This is just for people that use Google Chrome web browser.

 Google Earth View Chrome extension

What the extension does is to display a Google Earth View image on new tabs. Instead of a plain white background, you get an amazing image instead. A different image is displayed with every new tab.

It is easy to miss, but there is a Share button in the top right corner of the image. Mouse over it and there are options to get a link, and to share it on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

 Google Maps

All this applies equally to WIndows, Linux and even the Apple Mac, so whatever your operating system you can view great Google Earth images.

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