How to use Quick access in Explorer in Windows 10

Explorer in Windows 10 has a Quick access section and it is the default view when it first opens a window. Using it is straightforward and it can easily be customised by adding your own favourite items.

Quick access in Explorer is quite simply a list of your favourite or most used folders on the disk drive. Folders in the left Quick access list can be accessed with a single click and it simply makes navigating the disk contents easier and quicker.

There are two parts to Quick access, and there is the folder list in the panel on the left, and the view on the right, which can be selected from the View menu - List, Tiles, Details, and so on. Click once on the left to open a folder, but double click the folders on the right.

 Explorer Quick access

Notice the pin icon next to each of the folders in the Quick access area. Folders are said to be pinned when they are added to Quick access . If there are any folders in Quick access that you do not need, right click them and select Unpin from Quick access in the menu that is displayed.

The selected folder is removed, but the folder on the disk drive is not deleted. The pinned item is a bit like a shortcut to the folder and it is not the actual folder itself. You can still access the folder and its folder on the disk drive using Explorer in the usual way.

 Quick access in Explorer

There may be other folders on the disk drive that you frequently access and they can be added to the Quick access area to make then easier to find. Go to the folder on the disk drive using Explorer in the usual way and then right click it and select Pin to Quick access.

  Windows 10 Quick access

The folder that is added is tagged on to the end of the Quick access list. It is at the bottom. If you would rather have it higher up the list where it is more convenient to access, click and drag it to the new position. The thick black bar shows where it will be inserted.

 Explorer Quick access

The position of the folder is changed not only in the left-hand folder list, but also on the right too. Select Quick access on the left to view the folders.

 Explorer Quick access

Quick Access is straightforward and easy to use. It is more useful when you put your own folders in the list and when you sort them into whatever order suits you best.

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