Colour the title bars in Windows 10 and fix the design flaw

Make Windows easier to use by colouring title bars

A major irritation in Windows 10 for some people is the lack of colour in the title bars of applications. This makes Windows awkward to use and it looks awful, but thankfully there is a solution.

The lack of colour in application title bars means that the menu and title bar merge and become one large white featureless area. One consequence of this is that it makes windows harder to click and drag when you want to move them on the desktop.

Click and drag only works with the title bar and not the menu, but it is easy to click the wrong part of the white area when there is no visual clue as to where one ends and the other starts. The result is that the window stays put when you want to move it.

This is a design flaw and it makes Windows harder to use than if both areas were different colours. In addition to this, it looks awful. Modern user interface designs with their lack of colour do not look good and title bars, menus, buttons and so on, all merge into a bland colourless area that really is not very visually attractive.

Look at a Windows 95 screen and it does not look very nice at all and it looks so dated. Some parts of Windows 10 do not look good either. Somewhere in between Windows had a great design. Fortunately, you can change the colour of title bars and all you have to do is to wait.

Currently this is how Windows looks and you can see the featureless white title bar and menu in this picture of the Control Panel.

 Windows Control Panel

Now look at this one with a coloured title bar:

Windows Control Panel

It is a small change and is simply a dash of blue, but the coloured title bar makes windows really stand out. It also makes it easier when trying to click and drag windows and you know exactly where the title bar ends and the menu starts.

The colour is more useful than you might think and it is very useful when there are two or more windows on the desktop. When both are white you cannot tell which window is the active one, but it is very easy to see when the active one has a solid and strong colour.

There are some utilities and system tweaks that enable coloured title bars in Windows 10, but really you do not need them. There is a Windows 10 update coming very soon that turns on this feature as standard.

Users of the beta version of Windows 10, which still works by the way, have already got this feature. Go to Start, Settings, Personalisation, Colours. On the right is a switch to enable Show colour on Start, Taskbar, action centre and title bar.

 Windows 10 Settings

It would have been better to be able to set these individually, but even one control is still better than it was.

The colour of the title bar can easily be changed if you do not like the current one. Turn off the option to Automatically pick an accent colour from my background. A selection of coloured tiles is then displayed.

 Windows 10 Settings

Click a tile and it is applied to the title bar... and Start menu, taskbar, action centre. Changing everything is a slight irritation and it is possible to select some awful colour schemes. Blue works well though.

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