Google celebrates 100 million Google Photos users

Google Photos goes from strength to strength

Last may Google decided to unbundle Photos from Google+ and to launch it as a separate service. Now the company reports that there are over 100 million active users every month, which is pretty impressive.

No doubt this is thanks to the continuing popularity of Android mobile devices and with the app on so many phones with people busily snapping away, it is the obvious place to store your snapshots. It’s a set-and-forget that backs up every photo you take automatically.

Google Photos’ success is not just because of this and it has some great features too, such as automatically stitching overlapping photos together to create wide shots and even panoramas. It creates Collections that are like automatically built stories of events, trips, holidays and days out. In short, it does more than just store your photos, it carries out intelligent actions on them.

 Google Photos in Chrome

So what do people store on Google Photos?

Google has revealed the most popular subjects of snapshots on Photos.

  • People take more photos of dogs than any other animal. Not cats? Who’d have thought?
  • The number two most photographed subject is cars. People love ther cars they own and love to take photos of cars they would like to own if they had the money.
  • The most photographed place in the world is Paris and New York is only second. People must really like trips to France.
  • People love baby photos and search for them more than anything else.

Read Google’s blog post for more Photos insights.

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