Google removes annoying ads with YouTube Red subscription

YouTube Red has no ads and original content, will you pay?

Google has announced plans to launch YouTube Red and it has three unique features. The first is that it will not have any adverts, the second is that it will contain original content, and the third is that you are required to pay a subscription to watch the video content. A monthly subscription to the service will cost $9.99.

A YouTube Red membership will be accessible from any device, so you can watch on your computer, phone, tablet and so on. You just sign in and start watching. The mobile app will enable you to save videos to the device so that you can watch them offline and to play videos in the background.

The top YouTube creators have been encouraged, some people are saying forced, by Google to move their content to the membership-only YouTube Red. It is a controversial move by the company that has drawn some criticism. This will no doubt ensure that the service has top quality content right from the start, but will it also mean that you will now need to pay to watch the channels and content you love on YouTube and previously watched for free? How will people react to this?

 YouTube PewDiePie

To sweeten the subscription deal, YouTube Red is working with top content creators to produce original series and movies. For example, Scare PewDiePie is a reality-adventure series from the creator and executive producers of The Walking Dead. Lazer Team is a feature-length action-comedy from RoosterTeeth and Fullscreen Films. There are many more, including romantic drama, comedy, movies, and so on.

Another bonus for subscribers is that YouTube Red works with YouTube Music, so if you subscribe to one you also get access to the other. YouTube Music lets you watch high quality ad-free music videos from your favourite artists.

Is an ad-free subscription version of YouTube in part be a response to ad blocking extensions in web browsers? Now people that don’t like adverts have an option - pay for access and no ads will ruin your enjoyment.

YouTube Red will initially be available in the US from October 28th with a one month free trial. Expect it to be rolled out worldwide in time.

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  1. Someone pointed out to me that YouTube Red could be confused with RedTube. If you don’t know what RedTube is, don’t Google it. You don’t want to know.

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