Stop two major irritations in Twitter for peace and quiet

Eliminate the annoyances in Twitter

Twitter has a couple of features that might cause some irritation when using the service and a couple of simple tweaks in the settings can make the social network more pleasant to use.

It is hard to imagine life without Twitter now and its crazy 140 character message limit, who would have thought that it would ever take off, but hundreds of millions of people are hooked on the service.

It does have some irritations though, and not the obvious one of text length. Here are two things you need to modify in Twitter’s settings for a quieter and calmer experience.

1 Stop videos playing

When video tweets are included in your home feed they automatically play when they appear on the screen. This might be seen as being helpful by some people, but others might find it annoying because videos playing on the screen are distracting and they may be noisy too. When you are trying to read the messages in your home feed, those videos catch your eye and it is hard to concentrate. Stop them.

Click your image in the top right corner of the Twitter home page and click Settings on the menu that drops down. Select Account in the settings categories on the left and look in the Content area on the right. Next to Video Tweets is a tick box labelled Video Autoplay. Clear the tick and then click the Save changed button below.

 Twitter settings

Now when videos appear in your feed, they do not start playing automatically and you just see a static image. If you want to watch a video you can click the play button in the centre of the video and this enables you choose what to watch and when to watch it, instead of videos being forced upon you.

 Twitter video posts

2 Stop email notifications

Go to Settings and select Email notifications on the left. On the right is a list with over 20 activities and conditions that can trigger an email. Here are just a few...

Twitter settings

The list goes on and on. Getting an inbox full of messages from Twitter is not helpful and it just makes more work for you because it takes time to deal with them. Go through the 20+ possible ways you can get an email and clear the ticks against anything that is not absolutely essential to cut down on the messages you receive.

This does not prevent notifications and there are other ways of getting them. There are still web notifications for example and the notifications icon at the top of the web page has the number of notifications waiting to be read. Selecting the tab enables you to view them. Do you need an email to tell you to go and view them? There are also notifications on your mobile phone too.

You just don’t need a pile of email messages cluttering up the inbox and you probably delete them anyway.

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