Clean up the right click context menu in Windows

Get rid of right click menu entries you do not need or want in Windows

Right click the mouse in Windows and the context menu is displayed. Is it an unruly mess? Are there items you never use and don’t want to see? Clean up the right click menu and remove irritating entries.

A few items on the right click context menu are useful and Windows adds some system entries. Right click in an empty spot on the desktop or in an Explorer window for example, and there are options to select the view, access display settings and Personalize features. You can create new files and folders too.

These options are useful, but the right click menu can become irritating when software you install adds its own entries. Add half a dozen programs to the PC and a dozen extra context menus could be added. It depends on the software and some add several right click menu options and others add none.

Do you wish that there was a way to control what appears on the context menu? There is and the popular utility CCleaner can be used to clean up the menu items.

I do not recommend running tools like this and cleaning up 1,000+ items because things sometimes go wrong, but when used carefully it can be a useful tool.

The portable version of CCleaner is preferred because software that does not install into Windows tends to cause fewer problems and is easier to remove. On the CCleaner Builds page is CCleaner Portable. Download it, right click the zip file and Extract All the contents. The program can be run from the Downloads\ccsetup folder, just run CCleaner if you have 32-bit Windows or CCleaner64 if you have 64-bit Windows.

Select Tools in the first list on the left. Select Startup in the next list.

 CCleaner for Windows

Select the Context Menu tab on the right.

 CCleaner for Windows

Use the scrollbar to view all the columns or stretch the window really wide. The entries refer to programs and so they do not look like the menu items on the context menu. However, you can usually work out which entry refers to which menu. (Windows system entries do not appear here and only third party software can be customised.)

Select any item you do not want and click the Disable button on the right. You might need to restart Windows to see the result of this change.

Menu items can be deleted, but disabling them is better because it means that you can change your mind and enable something if you decide you actually want to keep it.

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