New Start menu changes coming in Windows 10

Secrets of the Windows 10 beta version revealed

Windows 10 is about to change and new features and ways of working with the operating system are coming to your PC soon. Here is a rundown of the changes to the Start menu.

Windows features used to be fixed and once the operating system was released, it did not change much until the service pack a year later. This time around everything has changed and Windows development is more like that of a mobile app where new features are constantly being developed and new versions are pushed out frequently.

Coming shortly to your desktop are some big changes to the Start menu and the context menu, the one that is displayed when a tile is right clicked, is brand new.

Take a look at the menu when a tile is right clicked.

 Start menu

The menu is wider and it has icons – the pin on the main menu and the size icons on the Resize submenu. It looks very different to the old menu and there is also a More submenu too.

 Windows 10 Start menu

The options to turn off the live tile and pin the app to the taskbar are here. There is also a Rate and review option, which links to the Windows Store, and a Share option. It is an interesting change. Do you prefer this new menu to the old one?

A different menu is displayed when a tile for a desktop application is clicked and below the normal menu options is a jump list. In the example below there is a list of files that have been recently opened with the program. Clicking one of these is a quick way to reopen it in the program.

 Windows 10 Start menu

This is the same jump list that is displayed when the application icon is on the taskbar.

All these changes are live right now in the beta version of Windows 10, which continues to be developed. The public release version of the operating system is one step behind this.

Some time in November you should see a big update for Windows 10 download and installed, so get ready for it and make sure you have a backup before starting the installation.

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