Create and store notes in Windows 10 Action Center

This note taking app works on all your Windows 10 devices

Action Note is an interesting utility for Windows 10 that enables you to create notes and access them from within Action Center. It is unusual and also quite useful too.

Windows 10 Action Center is the panel that opens on the right side of the screen when the Action Center icon is clicked at the right side of the taskbar. Its primary use is to store notifications, such as Twitter updates, new email messages, security messages and other types of notifications.

Action Note is a free app from the Windows Store that can be used in desktop mode like a standard note-taking app, but it also appears in its own section in the Action Center panel.

Let’s look at the desktop app first. It has a clean and simple design and there are light and dark colour schemes. Clicking the Notes item on the left displays the notes titles and the text. The plus button at the bottom is used to add a new note and clicking an existing note opens it for viewing or editing.

 Action Note app for Windows 10

To create a note you just click in the heading or body and type in some text or paste it in. In the top right corner is a flag for marking important notes, and a colour palette so you can colour-code notes. A time and date stamp is automatically added.

 Action Note app for Windows 10

To save you typing in text, the microphone can be clicked to turn on speech recognition. You just speak your note and it is automatically entered for you. Dictating notes is a great idea. The paperclip icon is used to add image attachments, just as JPEG photos. It does not appear to allow you to attach any other types of files though. Proper attachments with the option to export them would be really useful.

 Action Note app for Windows 10

In the Notes view, the colour is a vertical bar to the left of each note and if a flag is set, it appears on the right. If you have a touch screen, notes can be swiped to the left to delete them. They aren’t really deleted and they are just moved to the Archive. It acts like a Recycle Bin and they can be viewed or permanently deleted from the Archive.

Open Action Center at the right side of the screen and there is an Action Note section. Quick Notes appears at the top of the list and clicking it enables you to create notes without opening the app. You just type the note heading and body directly into Action Center. It is not suitable for long notes, but it is really useful for short ones.

 Action Note app for Windows 10

You cannot view the whole text of very long notes in Action Center, but clicking a note opens it in the app so you can read and edit it there. Photos in notes appear in Action Center. Notes can be pinned to the Start menu as tiles too.

 Action Note app for Windows 10

Purchase the Pro version and your Action Notes are synced across all the computers and devices you use – the app runs on mobile devices as well as desktop PCs. This is a useful feature.

Microsoft OneNote is a major competitor to Action Note of course, the app also works on all devices, and it syncs for free too. It does not appear in Action Center though. For quick and short notes Action Note is more convenient, but for longer and more complex notes, OneNote is better. There is a case for both of them.

Title: Action Note
Price: Free
Developer: Benjamin Sautermeister
Size: 3.78 MB
Verdict: A nicely designed note taking app integrated with Action Center

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  1. Benjamin Sautermeister // 2015/12/23 at 14:07 // Reply

    Thank you for the detailed post about my latest app Action Note!

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