Get a faster cleaner PC with this free tool for Windows PCs

A useful clean-up and tune-up tool from the security company F-Secure

Every year computers are faster and more powerful than the previous year, so why are they still so frustratingly slow? It is a constant conundrum, but there are ways to speed up and clean up your PC.

Setting the power modes in Windows power settings, removing junk files, stopping unnecessary Windows services, and so on, can all help to speed up the computer. It also regains lost disk space too. F-Secure Booster is designed to do all of this and more. We would all like a better, faster PC, especially for free and that is what F-Secure Booster tries to give you.

There are two versions of -Secure Booster and there are free and Premium versions. There are three sections in the program and the Clean section can be used in the free version, and Clean, Speed Up and Update are available in the Premium version. You can view the Premium features in the freebie, so you can see what you are missing, but they cannot be used.

I tried the free version and despite only being able to access one of the three sections, it is actually still quite useful.

 F-Secure Booster

On the Overview screen is the system temperature and system load (CPU activity). There is also a switch for High-speed mode. This is like the game booster feature that some utilities have and it disables programs and services that are not absolutely essential so there is more processing power available for whatever program you want to run.

It scans the PC and this takes quite a long time, although it probably depends on the PC’s speed and amount of junk on it. When scanning is complete, opening the Clean section lists several actions and you can delete unnecessary files, save power, clear the Recycle Bin, clean up the registry, speed up the registry and access a multimedia data manager.

 F-Secure Booster

There is a single Optimize button, but you can explore each of the sections and review the items to be cleaned and settings to be modified. For example, the Delete unnecessary files section has log files, temporary files and other files. Clearing the Recycle Bin is straightforward, and hardly necessary.

 F-Secure Booster

Clean up the registry lists invalid entries in the registry organized into sections. You can select the sections to delete or keep. It found 3,443 items on my PC. However, unless there is a fault with Windows and it is not working properly, I prefer the leave the registry alone. I have heard too many stories of people using clean-up tools and then finding that something doesn’t work. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

 F-Secure Booster

The option to speed up the registry is safer and it simple removes dead space, compacting the contents without actually removing anything. The Multimedia Data Manager scans the disk for large files, sorts them into categories including video, photos and audio, and then displays them in size order. You can easily see the largest files and if they are not needed, they can be deleted.

An extra power plan is added and this aims to extend the battery life of a laptop by setting the most effective power saving options. Power Options in the Control Panel provides a Power saver setting, and Windows 10 has a Battery saver function (click the battery icon in the taskbar), but it may be worth trying F-Secure Booster’s power plan to see if there are any further improvements. It isn’t that different to the normal settings on my PC though.

 F-Secure Booster

The best time to run a clean-up and tune-up utility like F-Secure Booster is right after performing a full system backup. If anything should go wrong with the clean-up and tune-up, you can restore the backup. The utility does provide access to System Restore, which puts back many settings, but you can’t beat a full system backup.

Premium features not in the free version
Premium features not in the free version

As a free tool, F-Secure Booster is great and the Premium features look good for those that want to unlock the other two sections.

Title: F-Secure Booster
Price: Free
Developer: F-Secure
Size: 21MB download
Verdict: A useful free tool for optimising the PC



  1. The tool looks great. I didn’t used that tool but i will try obviously. I used auslogics boostspeed to remove temp file, It was a good experience with that tool.

  2. I have used the tool you shared. Thanks. I got some free space after optimizing my drives with it. If you try to get your pc faster it can used.

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