Create fantastic photo collages in your browser with FotoJet

Turn your photos into fun layouts, cards, and designs for print or the web

FotoJet is a website that enables you to create collages from your photos to save, print or share on social media. It has a good range of features, is easy to use and is free.

To make a collage you just need to go to in a web browser on Windows, Linux or Mac (multiplatform compatibility is a great feature of online software). The site uses Flash, so make sure that it is installed and enabled. If you use Chrome for browsing the web then Flash is built in and you’re good to go.

Collages can be created for all sorts of uses, such as banners for websites, the cover image on your Facebook or Twitter page and so on.

On the FotoJet home page are two options, Creative Collage and Classic Collage. I selected the Classic Collage option for this guide.

 FotoJet collage maker

The web page that appears divides into four columns. There is a narrow one on the left with four icons and the top icon is Layout. Clicking this displays a large collection of collage templates, for a single image, two, three, four images and so on.

 FotoJet collage maker

You can’t see in the cropped screenshot above, but down at the bottom of the page below the layouts is a selection of size ratios, such as 1:1, 3:2, 16:9 and so on. There are also controls that enable the border width to be changed and the boxes into which the photos will be placed can have rounded corners. The amount of rounding can be set with a slider control.

The column on the right is a tray for your photos. Click Add Photo and you can choose to upload images from the computer’s disk drive or they can be transferred from Facebook.

 FotoJet collage maker

When you have filled the photo tray on the right, you then click and drag photos to the layout grid in the centre of the page. Photos are easily moved from one place to another and you can experiment with the positions of photos. Some might suit a vertical column, whereas others might look best as a wide letterbox shape and it depends on the images.

 FotoJet collage maker

Click a photo in the layout grid to select it and three buttons in a small toolbar are displayed. The top one opens a panel that has a collection of filters at the top. These are similar to the sort of filters that are in Instagram and other photo apps. Here you can see that a sepia filter has been applied to the left-hand photo.

 FotoJet collage maker

The bottom half of the panel has controls for adjusting the opacity, exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation and hue. It does not offer the fine degree of control that is available in a proper photo editing program, but it is fine for straightforward tweaks to the images and simple problems like exposure and contrast can be corrected.

The other two buttons in the mini toolbar are for crop and zoom, and rotate and flip.

 FotoJet collage maker

Going back to the toolbar on the left, the second icon down is Text. Selecting it displays a collection of fancy text styles. Click one to add a text box to the image and then you can replace the dummy text with your own, resize the text and so on.

 FotoJet collage maker

The third icon on the left accesses a collection of clipart that can be added to the photos. The objects are organised into categories like Love, Celebration, Nature, Holiday and several others. They are useful if you are creating fun photo layouts, cards and so on.

The third icon is Background and this enables the border around the photos to be selected from a palette of solid colours or from a collection of patterns.

When you are happy with the design of the photo collage, the Save button at the top enables it to be saved to disk. JPEG and PNG file formats are available and with JPEG the quality can be set to low, medium or high. There are three size settings consisting of small, medium and large.

 FotoJet collage maker

Selecting high quality and large size resulted in a 2.6MB image with dimensions of 1920 x 1920. This is because I selected the 1:1 image ratio size and if the 16:9 ratio was selected then the height would be less.

After saving the collage, it can then be shared on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

 FotoJet collage maker

FotoJet is impressive for an online tool that runs in a web browser and it is a lot of fun. I expected at some point to see limitations or some payment options, but there were none when I tried it and it was completely free.

This is an excellent online tool for making collages from your photographs and the features are fine for people that want to get the job done quickly and easily without getting bogged down in a complicated photo editor. Go to FotoJet and try it. You’ll like it.

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