King of thieves – a game that rewards a life of crime

Can you become the richest thief of all?

ZeptoLab, the developer that created the popular Cut the Rope games has another winner on its hands with King of Thieves. It is an addictive game that defies classification.

King of Thieves is a game that runs on everything and it is available for iOS and Android phones and tablets, Amazon Fire tablets, and Windows devices. I ran it on a laptop PC running Windows 10, but it also runs on Windows phones and tablets. It was downloaded from the Windows Store.

It is hard to say what type of game this is because it takes elements from several genres and mixes them up to produce something that is different to anything else.

Some parts of the game are like tower defence, other parts have player vs player and multiplayer features, there is some building and upgrading, platform and tap-tap type action. King of Thieves app

You have a dungeon and it contains your gold and gem stones. The idea is to grow your wealth and become the richest person in the game.

There are two ways to do this and one is to raid other players' dungeons and steal their gold and gems. The other way is to work through the 80 levels. In practice, you will probably do both. King of Thieves for Windows

While you are raiding other people's dungeons, they can raid yours. It is common to return to the game to find that several players have looted your dungeon while you were away.

To prevent your gold and gems from being taken by other players raiding, it is possible to place traps in key places to kill them. Traps can be upgraded to make them more deadly, and they can be moved in a dungeon editor. In this respect the game play is a bit like tower defense, although this is a bit more limited.

The game is free, but there are in-app-purchases that enable you to upgrade items in your dungeon faster. Some items are ridiculously expensive, like the Chest of Orbs for $99, but there are a few inexpensive ones too. King of Thieves app

The character you control, which looks a bit like a Pac Man ghost, automatically moves left or right across the screen and there is just one control, which is jump. Tap or click and it jumps.

If it hits the wall it reverses horizontal direction and if you tap or click at just the right second, it can be made to jump up the wall. This enables it to climb up to places that might at first seem inaccessible. Your character can also slide down walls and turn underneath them before dropping off.

Whether you are raiding other players' dungeons or working through the levels, you tap, tap, tap to keep your character jumping traps, climbing the walls, and eventually reaching the goal, a totem, which provides gold or gems. King of Thieves app

You will die a lot at first and until you get the hang of it, it can be challenging and a little frustrating. There is always a way to complete a dungeon and the challenge is to not only discover it, but to master it. You need to time your jumps and make them pixel accurate.

You have a certain amount of health and each time you are caught in a trap, you lose some. If it reaches zero you don't actually die. The trap that killed you most is disabled, which makes the task easier, but the loot you can steal is reduced.

A totem is used to process gem stones and make them more valuable. While processing gems the totem can be raided by other players, so you need to upgrade the dungeon and traps to make it as hard as possible for them.

Guilds can be joined and your can get together with friends and take on other guilds. There are also leader boards and leagues.

King of Thieves is an unusual combination of features taken from other games, but the resulting hybrid is entertaining and quite addictive. You will want to master each screen and keep on trying and dying until you do.

Title: King of Thieves
Price: Free
Developer: ZeptoLab
Size: 77 - 154MB
Verdict: Zeptolab has another winner on its hands.

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