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Microsoft has been busy developing upgrades and new services for

If you are a user of Microsoft’s email service,, there are some major changes are coming up this year that will make it even better. Some are already rolling out while others are still in development.

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A few lucky users have already had access to a redesigned for some time, but now the updated service is out of preview and is being rolled out to the rest of the world as revealed in a blog post on the Microsoft Office website—out of preview and better than ever.

The email service is now powered by Office 365 and all your settings and data are automatically transferred for you, with nothing to do on your part. It is initially available only in the North America region, but eventually everyone will be upgraded to the new service. If you haven’t got it yet, you will just have to be patient. It’s coming.

Among the benefits of the new are better integration with your calendar and address book. There is also better support for Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents attached to emails and you can view or edit them while replying to an email.

There is support for plugins from popular apps and services. These include GIPHY, the GIF library, Yelp, Wunderlist, the to-do list manager that Microsoft bought, Uber, PayPal, Evernote and Boomerang, the email tracking and scheduling service. There is also improved Skype integration that enables you to switch from chat to email without leaving your inbox.

Microsoft is also testing a new Premium version of the email service. Although there is already an ad-free version of, this is new and is different. It is not simply a redesign, but it does sound like a replacement though. add-free

Will ad-free be replaced by Premium? Premium will allow you to have your own custom domain name and you can invite up to four other people to create personalised email addresses, too. Microsoft is planning to handle the domain name registration so you don’t have to and it will be part of the service.

Your old email address can be kept as an alias, so it will continue to work, but your mail will be accessed through the new Premium service.

More information is here. Premium is just a trial at the moment, which means that it could change and there is no clue as to when it will be made available to the public. However, it would be surprising if it were not live before the end of this year.

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