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Sending and receiving payments using PayPal is a lot simpler than it used to be. Simpler if you use the new service that is. This guide takes you step by step through the signup.

When you want to pay someone using PayPal you normally have to go to the website and enter your user name and password to log in. Then you have to click through to the Send and Request section, select the service you want to use, such as Send money to friends and family. This is followed by the email address of the person you want to send it to, and then you get to the form where you enter the amount.

What if, instead of all those steps, you could jump straight to the last one? You could pay people faster. You could also request payment from people easier too.

This is the idea behind PayPal’s service. is a website set up by PayPal and it enables you to create a unique URL through which people can pay you or you can pay them. For example, if your name is John Smith, you could use the URL

Of course, with 6 billion people on the planet there may be more than one John Smith. It’s first come first served at the website and you must claim your URL before anyone else grabs it. Common names will go quickly, so don’t delay.

The URL does not have to be based on your name and it can be anything you want. It can even be your business if you accept payments via PayPal. Everyone’s URL must be unique so that payment goes to the right person.

The URL that you create at can be posted on websites, on social networking sites, placed in emails, and car bumper stickers. Wherever is most convenient. It does not contain your email address or login details, and it doesn’t even need to use your name, so you can post it in public places.

This makes it very convenient to use and if you have a URL based on your name or business, it is very easy for friends or customers to remember.

We’ll see how to use it at the end of this article. Let’s see how to set it up first. You need a PayPal account of course.

1 Go to the website

Open a browser and go to the website. Click the Get started button on the home page. setup guide

2 Create your URL

The URL always begins with and the rest is up to you. Enter your name, your business, your pet dog, whatever, and then click the Grab It Now button. setup guide

3 Log in

Log in to the PayPal website by entering your email address and password as usual (the is a PayPal website, so it’s secure). setup guide

4 Pick a colour

There are two options here and you can choose the colour theme from the six on offer, and you can choose how you use you link. Do you want to use it for Friends and family or Goods and services? It does not actually make much difference.

When people use the link they get the same options, so even if you select Friends and family they can select the Goods and services when paying. The difference is the buyer protection and fees. If you use PayPal to buy goods and services you get a certain degree of protection. If you sell goods or services and receive money for them, you pay a transaction fee.

Select Friends and family unless you are a business. setup guide

5 Create your page

Scroll down the page and your URL is displayed. Below it is the Create Your PayPal.Me Page button. Click it if you are happy with the setup so far. setup guide

6 Finished

That’s it. You get once chance to make your URL, so choose it wisely. Share your URL wherever you need to so people can pay you. setup guide

Pay and get paid

When someone clicks the link on a website, in an email, or wherever it is, this is the page they see, except it has your photo and name of course. setup guide

All someone has to do is to enter the amount to pay and click Next. They are asked to log in to PayPal and the payment is quickly completed. It is faster and easier than going through the old website. It also looks good too.

Suppose you need someone to pay you a certain amount. Let’s say you sell something for $30. You would add the amount to the URL you give them. So if John Smith wanted to be paid $30, he would give his URL as

Never ever try to guess someone’s URL. There are lots of people called John Smith, but only one can claim the URL. You wouldn’t know which John Smith it was and you could send money to the wrong person. Get the right URL from them, such as johnsmith1973, or whatever they are using.


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