Top 5 cloud computing predictions and how they will change your life

Cloud computing is one of the most contentious yet exciting aspects of our internet existences. With the kind of leaps and bounds of technology in these past few years, it is expected that cloud services are ushering in a spectacular era of smart living.

Clouds and gears

In fact, according to our predictions, there are five aspects of cloud computing which we hope to see more of in the coming years: aspects that could potentially change life as we know it!

Accessible Cloud Automation will be the Buzzword

Cloud Automation (more information) is the key to the future of productivity, with the cloud advancing our lives in more ways than one. For instance, the cloud computing system is expected to improve productivity with the use of technology such as IFTTT: an if-then command chain that can automate activities based on cloud connectivity. With this, you can:

  • Add email notifications or calendar reminders through voice-mails.
  • Control location-based activities such as email notifications or phone ringer operation through GPS automation.
  • Send meeting minutes automatically to associates or collaborators automatically through IFTTT recipes.
  • Upload camera photos directly to cloud storages without any additional steps beyond clicking them.
  • Automatically log in to workplaces and track time spent there through automatic Google Sheet updates.

The Workplace will take on a whole Other Dimension

With tools of communication such as Slack, Hipchat and Cisco Spark, the entire dynamics of the workplace are gradually expected to change completely. With more and more cloud connectivity enabling work from home, businesses and their employees can shift to more cloud based operating systems.

For an ordinary person, it means such things as working from your home office, being there to watch your one month old baby or care for your ageing parent, and still being part of a business team when it comes to projects and assignments.

While the infrastructure is already there, with companies moving more of their businesses to CDC hosted platforms, this trend is expected to hit big this year and simultaneously reduce costs in terms of office rentals and utilities as well. For startups, this is an exceptionally positive trend to look forward to!

The Internet of Things will Become Huge

Right now, the internet of things project is still in a fledgling stage with limited connectivity of certain systems. There are still limitations in terms of how many devices or points of access can be linked together. With the emphasis on improved cloud computing, our prediction is that this year will see a boost in IoT technology enabled products.

  • Home and office automation is going to be a more accessible thing for a greater number of people.
  • This should lead to huge potential savings on energy bills, gas savings, and other resources.
  • IoT enabled devices are also going to become integral to offices and hospitals, school buildings and universities, where the need for cloud based control is gradually rising.
  • IoT will revolutionize the future of not just home automation but also provide better security services.

The Shift from Local to Cloud Storage for 2016

With the cloud computing systems steadily gaining ground, it is expected that by the middle of the year we might finally be able to ditch unreliable hard disks that keep crashing with all your back up data on them.

The best part about improved cloud storage (The Best Cloud Storage 2016) includes aspects such as better pricing options, improved storage options, and really heightened security. Cloud service providers are already chalking out the battle plan for the coming few years, and with even businesses shifting more than 60% of their data online (Predicting The Future Of Cloud Service Providers), it remains to be seen how readily users take to cloud storage in its entirety.

Potentially, this spells the end of the tyranny of local disks that are unreliable and are at a risk of crashing constantly through hardware failure, since cloud computing will ensure constant updates and multiple storage servers to facilitate data storage and recovery. Also, this should also lead to a drop in price of local storage options such as HDDs.

Employment will be better than ever for Cloud Developers

Hear us out: this is not any ordinary prediction. This year, the kind of development reached by the cloud will ensure that the important thing is services, rather than infrastructure. That means that there will be a demand for newer applications and people who build them. This, in turn, is expected to drive up the demand in IT companies for those with a know-how of cloud computing. In terms of ordinary users, this kind of shift in focus will also be beneficial. This is because they can expect businesses to provide top-notch services to them in terms of more apps, especially self-service apps that can guide them on the cloud and require very little technical know-how. Over all, experts agree that cloud computing will have a positive effect on both the environment and employment situations.

Mauricio PrinzlauBio: Mauricio is the CEO of, a data and user feedback driven comparison engine for cloud apps and services. He enjoys writing and producing educational videos around the cloud to help people find the best cloud service for their needs.

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