How to post your own articles on RAW Computing

Sign up, log in and start writing. Post your articles here

This is a look behind the scenes and it shows how to write articles for RAW Computing and post them on the website. If you have ever wanted to become a writer, here is your chance.


Would you like to write for the web? Do you want to see your articles published? Do you have an opinion and want to share it? Have you heard of some hot news story?

You can post it here on the RAW Computing website. Share it with like-minded visitors.

Anyone can post articles here on this site. Well, almost anyone. You do need to be able to write reasonably good English of course.

You don’t need to be a geek, you don’t need to be an expert, and if you are enthusiastic and willing to have a go, then you are more than welcome. We would be glad to have you on board.

Here is a brief guide to posting on RAW Computing.

Sign up

First you need to create an account at RAW Computing. There is a link at the bottom of the home page to Create an account. Once an account has been created you will be able to click the Members log in link on subsequent visits.

 Sign up, sign in

Members menu

After creating an account and logging in, this hidden item in the panel on the right side of the page appears. It means that you are now a member. Don’t get too excited because it does nothing yet because you are an ordinary member with no special privileges.

 Members menu

Get an upgraded account

To create articles on RAW Computing your account needs to be upgraded and given special permissions.

Email the editorial team using the address at the bottom of the page (see the first screenshot). Set the subject to ‘Writer account’ and in the message tell us a little bit about yourself.

As soon as we can, we’ll take a look at your email and upgrade your account.

Log in

When you next log in, with your upgraded account, the site looks completely different. (If it doesn’t, either you have not yet been upgraded or you need to click the Site Admin link in that last screenshot.)

You can now see what RAW Computing looks behind the scenes where all the work goes on to create articles.


Of course, some areas are forbidden to you (there are higher levels of membership with extra privileges), but you can access the Posts area by clicking the title on the left.

Here you can see a list of articles that have been posted. What’s more, there is an Add New button to add your own articles.

Create your article

Now you can enter your article using the editor provided. Enter a short title and then use the editor to write your article. There are formatting options in the toolbar to enable bold, italic, lists, quotes, links and so on.


Submit your article

When you have finished, click the Submit for Review button in the Publish section in the top right corner of the page. This saves the article and submits it for review. It will be checked by an editor and then published, going live on the website for everyone to read.


Check the status

Return to the Posts page and click Mine to see all the articles you have submitted. While waiting to be seen by an editor, it will say Pending below the title. It will say Published in the Date column when it is live on the site.


As you can see, it is easy to post articles on RAW Computing, so why not sign up and become a contributor? See your articles posted on the site and share the links with everyone you know!

Just a few final words. Articles must fit in with the site's theme - PCs, Windows, internet, technology, and so on. It's not worth the effort of setting up an account for a single article, but once you're a member you can quickly and easily to submit subsequent articles, so it is best for writers who want to regularly contribute.

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