IOT is hot! And what’s cold about it?

Thoughts on the coming Internet of Things

What is IOT? Why is it a topic to be discussed? IOT or Internet of Things is nothing but connecting our appliances through internet, in other words making the appliances smarter than ever by controlling the devices from anywhere using the internet.

For example, you leave your apartment in a hurry and forget to turn off the lights. What do you do now?

  1. You can leave it as it is which is not a good practice for conservation of energy.
  2. You could turn around, go back to your apartment and turn off the lights, which will cost you time.
  3. If your neighbor has your apartment keys, you could call him/her up and ask to turn the lights off which is a rare case.

How will IOT help you in such case? Simple, you can turn off the lights using your smartphone which will not cost you much time.

What makes IOT burning HOT?

IOT is not only limited to smart homes where we connect our heaters, coolers, lights, fans, washing machine, coffee maker and so on. It can be used to develop a smart city. You are wondering how a smart city would be?

Imagine smart bins sending signal when they need to be emptied. Imagine smart taps sending out signals when they start leaking. Imagine connected traffic signals communicating with each other. Imagine smart speed limits on roads which vary automatically based on the climatic conditions.

Many such things implemented within a city would not only make the city a smart one but also efficient and less manual.


  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Homes
  • Health Care
  • Smart Industries
  • Smart Automobiles
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Media

Why IOT should not be used?


Security is the biggest concern for Implementing IOT as will require storing of lot of personal information. Hacking the personal information with the intension to harm someone would be easy. Hackers are emerging a lot in this world of technology either for fun or to prove themselves.

The hackers will not hold themselves from hacking some personal information when it is easily available to them. This could also lead to a separate business where hackers might provide personal information to anyone just for a few bucks.

Not only the personal information but also the data of the smart city available on the internet might be a threat for the nations security, which no government will be ready to compromise.

The U.S. National Intelligence Council in an unclassified report maintains that it would be hard to deny “access to networks of sensors and remotely controlled objects by enemies of the United States, criminals and mischief makers. An open market for aggregated sensor data could serve the interests of commerce and security no less than it help criminals parallel sensor fusion may undermine social cohesion, if it proves to be fundamentally incompatible with Fourth- Amendment guarantees against unreasonable search.

Environmental Challenges:

Disposing the electronic items would be a great challenge. Today’s electronics use heavy and rare metals along with toxic chemicals, disposing which would be difficult. Also the development in technology might demand replacing the old IoT electronic items, which again brings the concern of disposal.

How IOT will revolutionize business?

  1. More- efficient, real time operations.
  2. New business opportunities.
  3. Emphasis on Cyber security and privacy.

Understand IOT with Fun:

You might like to watch Season 1- Episode 9 of The Big Bang Theory, where Dr. Sheldon Cooper and his friends turn on the stereo using their laptops and when they provide a public access to their home devices their lights are turned ON and OFF by someone is China.

Author: Preksha Samar

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