Google Keep just got better with a Chrome extension

Google Keep for the desktop just got better. Now there is a Chrome extension

Create and store notes using Google Keep - on desktop PCs, phones and tablets

If you are a fan of the Google Keep app for storing notes, you must add the new Keep extension for Google’s Chrome browser. It adds some great new features to the popular note-taking app.

If you have a Google account, such as a Gmail address or an Android phone, then you have access to Google Keep. It is a super-simple, yet very useful app for storing notes. If you have not yet discovered it, you should try it.

It is great for when you are browsing the web and want to store a web page address, text on the page, an image, an idea that comes to you, or some other information.

Up until now you had to have Keep open in a separate tab ( or have the app open in a separate window (open a new tab, click Apps on the left, click the Keep icon).

Install the Chrome extension and you can now create notes and save web pages to them right from within the browser without leaving the page or switching to another window. It’s brilliant and it makes taking notes even easier.


1 Get the Keep extension

If you don’t have Google Keep, get the app from the Chrome Web Store.

If you already use Keep, get the extension for Chrome.

 Get the Google Keep extension for Chrome from the Chrome Web Store

2 Create notes

Just browse the web as usual. When an idea pops into your head and you want to remember it, right click the Keep icon in the toolbar and select New blank note or Go to Keep.

 The Google Keep extension can be used to create new notes or open Google Keep

3 Save web pages

Click the Keep icon in the toolbar and a new note is created with the web page headline. Underneath you can enter a note, but that is optional. You don’t see it here, but when you open Keep and look at the note you will see that the page URL is stored too. It is automatic.

 Save a web page to Google Keep using the Chrome extension

4 Copy text

Click and drag over text on a web page and then right click it. In the menu that is displayed, click Save selection to Keep. The selected text is saved to a note.

 Select text on a web page and right click it to save it to a Google Keep note

5 Copy images

If you see an image you want to save, right click it on the web page and in the menu, select Save image to Keep. The image is pasted into a note.

 Right click images on web pages and save them to Google Keep notes

The extension is quite clever and if you save several things from one page, they are stored in one note. If you save things from separate pages then they are saved in separate notes.

This is a great new feature and it is a welcome addition to Google Keep for the desktop. It just keeps getting better.

(The Android app has just been updated with new features too!)

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  1. I need to try this. I’m constantly leaving sticky notes and writing on pieces of paper only to lose them! I’m on google all the time anyway, going to head over to the app store to get it!

    • What I like is that it is cross-platform. Keep is on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS. My notes are there whatever I use, and I use a lot of different things. I can save a note on my phone and it’s there on my computer (PC or Mac) next time I switch it on.

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